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Movement is one of the many ways in which you can improve your health and happiness and feel awesome. Come along to my popular Pilates and Barre classes and I'll show you how. 

Class Descriptions


Barre classes combine techniques from dance, Pilates and Yoga to give you a full-body conditioning workout which is fun, energetic and effective.

This unique fitness class will help strengthen, lengthen and sculpt your body whilst remaining low impact so everyone can benefit.

All movements are small and controlled so we can focus on working deep into those muscles.

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Barre Basics class 
This class is perfect for those of you who have had some time off from class and want to go through some of the signature moves again. It’s also great for the complete beginner, those who may have minor injuries who need extra support and just for those days when your body still needs to move but just at a slower pace!

You’ll need a mat, chair for support, 1kg weights or two tins (optional) and some water to stay hydrated.

‘Get Your Sweat On’ 
A Barre and Pilates-inspired 45 minute flow class. We’ll work at a constant pace with minimal breaks (for at least 30 minutes) before taking it down a level to stretch then leave through the virtual door to go about our day.

Let’s Just Stretch
30 minutes of yummy Pilates and Yoga-inspired stretches. Simples.


Online Pilates

Let’s work on those core exercises so you can build strength, length, control and so much more. We’ll work to your level and build from that. You’ll only need your mat to start.

You can also have a read of my blogs and check out this fab article on how I got into Pilates.


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