You want to hit 6 figures in your Business but, you feel like this is a crazy amount of money and you don’t deserve to have that amount of money in your bank account.
You know how to do the thing that you do but you don’t understand how to run the backend of your business so it continues to grow.
Does asking for help feel hard?  
You feel like you should have the answers and should be spending all of your free time trying to build out every aspect of your business...


The Eleshia Method Mastermind

12 Weeks to scale your Business 

Get your business set up to 2 X your revenue for sustainable growth


I'm Ready

I get it and I’m here to say you don’t have to have all of the answers, you just need to get a little vulnerable and give yourself grace.

We’re not supposed to be doing it all.  

When you work for a company there are people who are hired because of their expertise.  

So why is it when we become business owners we decide this is the time that we should suffer in silence and work every hour of the day in our businesses doing the things that don’t bring us joy or money through the door.

I want you to

STOP the spin and start to work on the parts of your Business that are going to generate you revenue! Because let's face it we are in business to make money and for the flexibility it can provide us not to work ourselves into burnout.

I say this with love because I’ve been burned out and I’ve worked with clients that have too and now my main focus is to help women business owners to scale to 100k and beyond because we are deserving.

I created The Eleshia Method Mastermind to help you to identify, integrate and implement to grow your business to the level you need it to be operating at.

We will look at your business as a whole, find the ways your business may be leaking profit

so we can create a plan to 2 x your revenue by putting solid systems in place.

I know you want FAST progress and I want this for you too so here’s how well be working together in this intimate setting of 10 (plus meeeeee)

The Eleshia Method Mastermind is a 12 week scale your Business Programme

We’re here to dive into the work from the go but in a way that is sustainable for YOU!

Before we even start I want to get to know you and what your Business Goals are.

Upon signing up you will receive a custom questionnaire so I know what your desires are for our time together.

Each week we will have:

Weekly Coaching and Hotseat Sessions

  • Join us for coaching on my 12 step transformation framework so that you are learning easy to implement business strategies so your that your executing them into your business straight away
  • Hotseat sessions so that  you can receive personalised feedback on your specific business challenges from myself and your peers in real time. This combined approach will help you find the best solutions quickly and effectively.

Implementation Co-Working Sessions

Twice a month, we will have dedicated co-working sessions so that you can work on implementing what you've learned with the added benefit of real-time support and collaboration with other masterminders.

Additional features of a being in The Eleshia Method Mastermind:

Mindset and Personal Development

Participate in sessions focused on personal growth, mindset, and work-life balance to support your overall well-being.

Accountability Partners

Stay on track with your Goals by partnering with a fellow mastermind member for mutual support and accountability.

Q&A Sessions

Get answers to your pressing questions during open Q&A sessions designed to address your immediate business needs.

Customised Action Plans

We’ll be working on personalised action plans tailored to your specific business needs and goals.

Networking Opportunities

Expand your network and build relationships that can lead to future collaborations.

Collaboration Possibilities

Collaborate with other members on projects that offer mutual benefits and learning opportunities.

Feedback and Support System

Engage in a structured feedback system to receive constructive advice and support from peers and coaches.

Resource Library

Access a comprehensive library of valuable resources including templates, tools and session recordings to support your business growth.

Cheerleaders and Community

Working on your life desires is so much easier when you have liked minded people around you who are doing the same and want you to win.  

This is the environment I want to bring to you.

Success Stories and Case Studies

Draw inspiration from the success stories and case studies shared within the group.


Celebrate your achievements and milestones with the group, fostering a positive and motivating environment.

When do we start:

September 10th is Orientation day!

Are you ready to take your Business to the next level?

Join The Eleshia Method mastermind group designed specifically for female business owners and entrepreneurs. The Mastermind is tailored to help you identify what’s missing in your business and fix it so that you can have a profitable and sustainable business.

You will get this through strategic coaching, hands-on implementation, worksheets and a supportive community of like-minded women.

Why Join?

The Eleshia Method Mastermind is more than just a coaching programme. It's a community where you’ll find support, inspiration, and practical advice from women who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of running a business. Together, we’ll break barriers, set ambitious goals, and achieve transformational results.

This is for Me

By you getting this far (I know we all skim read lol) I know you’re serious so here’s your bonuses:

Bonus 1 for the First 3 people

When you sign up you’ll receive a questionnaire, it's for both of us, you’ll capture forever what you truly desire and I’ll get to know you better and also have a record of what are your Goals and Desires. 

When I work with clients on a 1:1 basis we always start with a 2 hour Strategy Planning Session. I sell this as a standalone project for £497 you will get this for FREE!  We will then build out your plan together.

Bonus 2 Secure Your Spot with Early Bird Pricing

If you've decided that The Eleshia Method Mastermind is the transformative experience your business needs, take advantage of our special early bird offer. When you commit and pay in full, you'll access the entire mastermind for the exclusive early bird price of £1597. This is a saving and a gesture of appreciation for those ready to take decisive action towards their business and personal growth.

Please note, after the 31 of July, the investment for this transformative mastermind will return to its full price of £1997.

Bonus 3 Harness Your Female Energy Digital Planner!

As a special bonus for joining The Eleshia Method Mastermind, you'll receive the Harness Your Female Energy Digital Planner! This unique digital planner is designed to help you get clear on your "why," define your goals, and start planning your path to success.

What sets this planner apart is its ability to be tailored around your female cycle. By aligning your planning with your natural rhythms, you'll be able to maximise productivity and maintain balance in your life.

Track your progress, stay organised, and keep your vision front and centre as you work towards achieving your business and lifestyle goals.

Whether you prefer detailed daily planning or a broader monthly overview, the Harness Your Female Energy Digital Planner adapts to your unique style and keeps you motivated every step of the way.

Take the Leap Today!

Join The Eleshia Method Mastermind and unlock the potential of your Business.

Contact me now to secure your spot and take advantage of these exclusive bonuses.

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