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The 6-week ‘Grow Your Business by Harnessing Your Female Cycle’ course will take you from feeling grumpy, emotional, depleted, and unmotivated to feeling energised, motivated, productive, confident and ready to achieve everything on your to-do list.

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Understand your female body

We’ll go through each of the different phases of your female cycle so we know what to expect from a physical, emotionaland hormonal point of view.


Harness the Phase You're In From A Lifestyle/Wellbeing Perspective

We’ll look at exactly what we should be doing to feel our healthy best throughout the month including what we should eat, how we should be moving, how we should take care of ourselves and what we should be delegating in each of the phases. I love this module because it truly does set you up with easy-to-follow foundational lifestyle tips.


Get Down to Business!

To grow your business, you need to build a sustainable plan detailing what needs to be done and exactly when you should do it so you can maximise your impact on the world! I’ll share with you what you should be focusing on and when to start to build that plan.


Put it all together!

It's now time to put everything we’ve learned together and take action! You get a powerful (tweakable) framework that you can follow on your business growth journey. 

Get your female monthly cycle and period working FOR you instead of AGAINST you with this game-changing online course. 

By understanding what is going on in your body and then getting strategic when it comes to planning, scheduling key tasks, networking and self-care, you can maximise your potential and keep growing your business. 

Best of all, it doesn’t involve FAKING IT, pushing through or neglecting your health. 

Over the course of four engaging modules, you’ll...


Also be part of a thriving community that will keep you moving forward and make sure you put everything you’re learning into action. It's amazing how friendships and businesses can grow when you're part of a community. 

  • Understand exactly WHY you feel like you do at every stage of the month (it’s not your fault!).
  • Feel motivated and energised, have more clarity and confidence and be making more money moves…yayyyyyy!
  • Learn EXACTLY what you need to do for your business in every phase of your cycle to maximise growth (while also finding time for essential self-care and rest!).
  • Find out how to schedule your tasks, meetings and networking events for those times you feel at your best so you can maximise your impact.
  • Stop feeling frustrated, drained, burnt out, overwhelmed or guilty that you should be pushing through.

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