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About Me

You love the thought of having a day off to enjoy the quiet and concentrate on just you.

You’re so busy ensuring everybody else has what they need which means there never seems to be time left for you.

Every night you promise yourself you will get up 30 minutes early to get that quick workout in. Every morning you snooze your mobile phone at least 5 times. You have no energy for the day let alone to workout. You feel trapped in the person you’ve  become, where do you even start to make lifestyle changes.

Hey I get it, I’ve been there and I can help you.

Hi I’m Eleshia, I'm a Holistic Business Growth Strategist and Wellness Coach who helps Female Business Owners get clear on their goals and desires and implement them without overwhelm and procrastination.

Together we create a plan to enhance Wellbeing and build the Business whilst staying healthy, energised and productive.

My mum’s cancer diagnosis was not part of the plan.

2013 was one of my best financial years ever. I was excited about moving into my brand new apartment and I had been extended for another year into a six figure senior role.

I felt content with life. All my hard work was finally paying off. I had even started to research training to become a Pilates teacher in my spare time. I was ticking off all my goals with ease and then we received the cancer diagnosis that would rock my world for ever.

My Mum had multiple Myeloma, a rare incurable Cancer!

How? Why? Give me a reason? She didn’t deserve this; she was everybody else's saviour. I had so many questions, Google was my medical encyclopaedia; I would spend hours trying to research a cure!

As much as I wanted there to be a ‘how’ to script to cure this disease, I knew deep down we had to take matters into our own hands as every individual I had read about encountered different symptoms.

I was already dabbling with changing my lifestyle but when we got the diagnosis I went all in.

Juicing was already part of my daily routine. I had studied the method for over ten years so I knew what benefits it would continue to bring to my life and also my mum’s. So we set off to make sure she was the healthiest she could be when she went for her treatments. 

I still had a lot of commitments, a mortgage to pay, car payments to continue and huge projects to manage. I couldn’t afford to just stop working to care for my mum as I had bills to pay. So I ended up continuing to work at full pace and looking after my mum too. Oh and because I didn’t have enough on my shoulders I decided to go ahead with Pilates teacher training. My mum convinced me not to wait for the following year and on reflection she was right.  

Pilates training was a welcome distraction from everything else that was falling apart around me. I spent nearly three years trying to juggle multiple responsibilities and stresses.

The loss of my mum in 2015 was the final blow which left me feeling utterly devastated, lost and overwhelmed with it all.

I became a 'sister mum' to my 21 year old brother who is on the autism spectrum overnight. I kissed goodbye to any kind of me time.

Things seemed to snowball from there. The stress became increasingly worse, and I finally hit breaking point when I miscarried my first child days before my mum's passing anniversary.

Heartbroken doesn’t even begin to describe how I was feeling.

Here I was grieving all over again. I knew I had to quit my corporate job because, to be frank, I felt burnt out. I felt like I was failing, I wasn’t given any aspect of life my full attention and it was really starting to take a toll on my relationship.

The one thing I kept hearing from that inner voice was you need to heal yourself physically and emotionally to succeed in taking your life to the next level. I had to level up my lifestyle quickly.

I became my own case study. love to learn so I already had qualifications in women’s health, Pilates, Barre, massage, alternative therapies, juice therapy, wellness & mindful eating. I dedicated time to fix myself.

I exercised daily, stuck to a healthy eating plan, cut out all things toxic - this included people and spent time enjoying the positive things in life.

I was advised that it wouldn’t be possible to have children naturally and I would have to have an operation and then opt for IVF. As much as I had that in the back of mind I did not let that stop me from taking the holistic route.

I fell pregnant naturally just six months later!

But then the new mummy role started to take its toll...

I was constantly battling brain fog and sleep deprivation whilst trying to take care of a new baby and family.

When exactly was I supposed to eat and wash myself?

There were days when I couldn’t even remember if I’d brushed my own damn teeth! I felt myself spiraling, I was losing myself. 

It was very clear that I wasn’t anywhere near taking care of myself.  I remember this thought clearly popping into my head one day... If you're not taking care of yourself how are you going to take care of anybody else?

I quickly realised that the only way I would survive was to go back to my project management ways so I could get sh*t done.

I mean, I had over 15 years experience and had managed multiple million pound portfolios in the past, so putting some simple structure around my life would help tremendously. 

Of course, I knew I wasn't 100% in control. I mean who is when there’s a newborn in the house?!

But at least I could put systems in place to help me keep my sanity, stay productive and take care of myself. 

Once I started to follow my own action plan I started to gain clarity and I felt empowered to help others to the same.

The thought of hours commuting to spend hours at a desk whilst I wondered what my baby girl was up to made the decision easy not to go back to the corporate world.

Whilst still on maternity leave, I started to get questions from other business owners who wanted to work more productively and less reactively to reach their business goals but still have time to focus on doing stuff that they loved. 

This was how the plan to combine decades of wellness studies and project management to provide wellbeing strategies to help clients take care of themselves first came to live. This would then enable them to then work more efficiently to run their businesses and look after their loved ones. 

Today it excites me to be able to help my clients implement simple strategies to get their wellbeing on track, have the energy to participate in activities that they have been longing to do for ages and have the focus to keep smashing their business goals.   

Power dresses and heels are a thing of my past. 

I’ve told you a bit about me now I would love to hear from you. Start your holistic business growth journey with me today!

Have questions? email at [email protected] to learn more.

London, England.
Serving clients all over the globe.