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5 Awesome Benefits of a Barre Workout

Apr 18, 2018

You’ve heard the buzz about Barre classes.

You’ve seen celebrities and fitness experts post about their newest obsession on social media.

And even your friends have started heading to local Barre classes and gushing with enthusiasm about the incredible results they’re getting from this fun new exercise class.

You’ve started what all the fuss is about, and started to think about giving this ballet-based, dance-inspired, Pilates-infused workout a try too.

But you’re curious. Why is Barre exploding in popularity at the moment? And most importantly, what benefits can you get from going to a Barre class?

Keep reading to find out!

1. You’ll become stronger and more toned (especially your core!)

Barre workouts are amazing for building strength and toning your body, without you ever needing to sweat it out lifting weights or needing to worry about looking bulky.

During class , we’ll be constantly engaging your abs in a way that is doesn’t just focus on those muscles at the front (as happens when you do sit-ups) but on the whole group of muscles around your middle. This gives you a true beach-ready body, helps support your back and also improves your posture, easing back pain in the process.

The same goes for your legs and thighs. During your barre workout, we’ll be engaging the whole group of muscles, including the front, the back and the sides to give you the right kind of definition that will have you proud to be wearing those shorts this summer.

And finally, we’ll also get that butt toned up nicely. We spend so much sitting these days, that this part of our body is often really underused and many other workouts don’t target these muscles as they should.

Voila beautiful, strong, graceful and feminine body!

2. You’ll become more flexible

Because of the wide overall range of motion we’ll be using in class, you’ll also find that you become wonderfully flexible when you start doing Barre .

You’ll also release any lingering physical tension that can lead to back pain, poor posture, stiffness, headaches, stress and joint strain, and feel mentally and physically lighter in the process.

Whilst many of us don’t care too much whether we can touch our toes or not, flexibility is a vital part of health and wellness that we need to think more about if we want to protect ourselves from injury and stay looking young and gorgeous for as long as possible.

3. Your posture will improve (goodbye back pain!)

When you attend Barre classes regularly, you can wave goodbye to your hunched posture and hello to a healthier back!

We all have slight physical imbalances in our bodies which come from things like our posture, how we move our bodies, and even the workouts we chose to do. But left, they can lead to injuries, weakness and other annoying health problems like lower back pain.

Thanks to Barre’s ability to target whole muscle groups and work your entire body, many of these imbalances can be corrected over the course of your Barre workouts .

As a result, you’ll enjoy wonderful benefits like great posture, improved overall body strength and, of course, a reduced chance of injury, back pain, joint issues, headaches, stress and more.

4. You’ll improve your mind-body connection and beat stress

Heading to your regular Barre class is a great way to shake off the the stress and overwhelm of everyday life and think about yourself for a change.

Barre classes involve small isometric moves which demand your attention and focus. To get maximum benefits from the workouts, you also need to keep a close eye on your alignment (I’ll be helping you out with this), and really connect with your body.

When you can focus on your physical body like this, there’s no room to worry about the outside world. You’ll be reconnected to the present moment, to the hear and now, and so leave class feeling calm, grounded and ready to face the world again!

5. You’ll protect your joints

Barre is a great low impact workout which is much easier on your joints than most of the workouts you’ll find at the gym. This means it’s a fantastic workout for all ages, and absolutely brilliant if you’re suffering with any back, knee hip or shoulder issues, you’re recovering from illness, you’re pregnant or you’ve recently given birth.

I can also offer helpful modifications in class to help support your workout if needed.

People who are already active will love the fact that it’s a great way to cross train between other sports and workouts without you needing to worry about injury or extra time off to recover.

As you can see, the hype about Barre workouts is absolutely true. It’s awesome. Sure, it might not be high energy cardio but it can certainly transform your body.

Why not come to class and find out for yourself?

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