You find yourself writing endless to-do lists 

and then you get so overwhelmed you distract yourself by mopping the floor, doing the laundry, and cleaning the house.

You say yes to business opportunities and then wait until the last minute to plan for them, leaving you stressed and angry with yourself when it's time to deliver.

It’s not that you don’t know what you're doing, it just feels like the goal post is constantly changing. Worse, there's so much information out there telling you what you should be doing to build your brand.

You have so many ideas that you don’t even know where to start.

You just wish you had a clear plan to follow to help you get on with the day-to-day running of your business.

You’re tired of buying more courses and wasting more time to get answers. You want to start seeing the money coming in — and fast.

You keep asking yourself:

  • Should I hire help, where do I start, and what should I get them to do?
  • Am I putting in enough hours to be successful?
  • Do I need to take another course to figure out my business niche?
  • Why do I even need a niche?
  • How do I spend less time doing admin?
  • Why am I hiding behind cleaning again?
  • How do I scale my business?
  • I don’t have any more hours to work, how can I make more money?

I totally understand and can help.  I’ll help direct you so you can figure out where you need to start.

I’ll help you make sense of it all and get you out of overthinking and overwhelm. Then you can truly start making an impact on continuing to grow your business.

You’re looking for somebody who’ll be open and honest who'll help to guide towards your goals without dictating what you should do.

You’re looking for strategic guidance from somebody who is happy to meet you where you are and work with you to ensure you're not compromising your wellbeing, family time or your reputation.

You’re not looking for a one size fits all formula.

The Holistic Business Strategy, Coaching & Implementation Programme is a 12 week personalised 1:1 coaching experience where you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed and unclear about your next steps to super focused and ready to make waves in the life you’ve been daydreaming about. 

I’ll send you a questionnaire to help you to start clearing the mental clutter right away.

You’ll tell me about your business, your desires and goals so we’re both super clear on what you want to achieve from our time together.

Then we'll spend 90 minutes together via Zoom developing a customised Personal and Holistic Business Plan.

I can help you to get super focused and stay on track so you can gain the confidence to go for what you really want.

Get to know me

Do any of the following sound familiar to you:

  • You’re looking for personalised one to one support to work through your next business breakthrough.
  • You’re ready to be heard, seen, and take action unapologetically
  • You know you have great ideas and you want to discuss these and bring them into the world with someone who won’t judge you for dreaming big
  • You need somebody to cheer you on, keep you accountable, and give you the space to brainstorm and talk your ideas through
  • You’re excited to find ways to build your business and make money without compromising your wellbeing

When we work together you’ll get:

A questionnaire  to help you get clear on your business goals.

A 90 minute “Achieving your business dreams” planning session, so we can map out your 90 day high-level plan.

A High-level plan to implement over the next 12 weeks.

11 weekly 60 minute zoom coaching/implementation sessions.

Session recap notes to keep you on track.

Weekly accountability check in’s and support via Voxer

(a cool walkie talkie app that gives you access to me in between sessions)

Access to the coaching and wellbeing hub we’re you’ll find:

  • A 90 day editable planning workbook for you to keep your thoughts and notes in one place.
  • Weekly journal prompts to help you stay focused.
  • Wellbeing and movement resources to keep you motivated.

It took me over 15 years to really understand what I wanted and how I was going to get the life I wanted.  


I’ve taken a lot of courses, read all the books, and changed my mind on business ideas.


I’m here to help you shorten the learning curve and take action.

Your Investment

Your Investment


(payment plan available if you ask nicely).

  • Questionnaire  to help you get clear on your Business Goals.
  • 90 minute “Achieving your business dreams” planning session. 
  • High-level plan to implement over the next 12 weeks.
  • 11 weekly 60 min zoom coaching/implementation sessions.
  • Session recap notes to keep you on track
  • Weekly accountability check in’s and support via Voxer.
  • Access to the coaching and E-Lifestyle Wellbeing Hub.
I am ready

If you know this is what you need and want, let's chat and we’ll talk about how you can get started.

How to Get Started:

Step 1:  Schedule a Lets Chat call so we can talk more about you and your business goals and we can get to know each other more.

Step 2: Once we’ve agreed we’ve made the decision to work together, you'll get everything you need to get started.

Step 3: You’ll receive an email from me with details to complete your "Tell me your Business Goals" questionnaire and instructions on how to book your planning session.

Step 4: Then we’ll hold your session and get you started on achieving your Business Goals journey. We’ll jump on a quick zoom and virtually celebrate spending the next 12 weeks together.  I’ll cheers you with a prosecco.

I'm so looking forward to knowing what your drink of choice is.

Here’s a few things previous Clients have had to say about our time together

"I knew something had to change but was unsure of what or how. Your holistic and soulful framing of coaching has given me clarity. It got me in touch with what was important to me, in terms of values and a holistic work-life vision, and the impact I want to have in my work, but also how I want to feel in my day to day.

“Getting aligned with a bigger vision opened the creative floodgates and has allowed my mojo to flow, giving me the confidence and conviction to take some leaps and invest in a space for myself where my business can grow and my dreams can be nurtured."

“Now I feel more clear and confident and excited about my business goals and know exactly how to prioritise the things that are important to me and the changes I want to make for me and my family. Exciting times! Just what I needed.”

Aisha Amarfio


"You asked the right questions to make me really sit up and take notice of areas of my business I hadn't given the necessary attention. We talked, brainstormed, you set homework, you followed up, you cheered the wins and coached the areas for improvement. You gave structure and attention my business needed to flow. Thank you for helping my business to grow up."  

Mairi Taylor - Menopause Rockstar

"I have achieved the goals I set out to achieve on time and successfully. Eleshia is supportive, she listens, challenges thought processes that are unhelpful and steers you in the right direction without bombarding you with her own ideas.

I thoroughly enjoy working with her. I look forward to our sessions as I know it is time when I can fully concentrate on my work without being distracted by other things. She’s very easy to work with and makes it fun as well as business."

Julie Driver - Julie Driver Pilates

Still unsure?

If you're looking for a way to move your business forward while maintaining your well-being

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