Episode 3 - Stop HIDING from the Camera! 7 Mistakes to Avoid to Create More Visibility | Sarah Michelle Brown

Apr 28, 2021
Episode 3 - Stop HIDING from the Camera! 7 Mistakes to Avoid to Create More Visibility | Sarah Michelle Brown


“People who are uncomfortable on camera tend to have a few traits in common:            being a perfectionist, having tender hearts, and being scared to be judged.”

                                          - Sarah Michelle Brown - 

People always tell us that we have to be visible and consistent to excel and be successful in our business. However, it can be a bit overwhelming not knowing where to start.

We’re scared of being seen and terrified to share our stories, afraid of the judgment and opinions of other people. In this episode, we’ll master how to feel comfortable, completely transform our videos, and up level our on-camera presence.

Sarah Michelle Brown is someone who finds fullness, beauty, humor, vulnerability, and passion on camera.  In this episode, she shares her journey on how she overcame the fear of being visible. 

Get your pen and paper and jot down the 7 mistakes to avoid to create more visibility. Learn more about the importance of practice, cultivating a positive mindset, being committed and consistent, and overall making the process fun, achievable, and exciting rather than terrifying. Tune in to learn more!

Eleshia’s Essentials:

  • I need to find a way to make it about something bigger than me, to focus shifts and allow my personality to shine through.
  • They don't see how beautiful, amazing, and connective they can be on camera so they need somebody else to reflect it to them. 
  • Allow yourself to have a quiet time and ease away from the action to recharge. 
  • It’s important to understand that feeling confident and comfortable on camera is not a talent but a skill that can be learned.
  • The inner critic is just telling you what it knows to stop you from taking action. It's just trying to keep you in the same spot and not getting the momentum to change your life.
  • Clients will love you for who you are because you are helping to change their life.
  • You can have a crappy camera, but people will remember you sharing amazing content, engaging with them, and giving generously from your heart.

About the Guest:

Sarah Michelle Brown is a  video coach, filmmaker, and actor who empowers big-dreaming entrepreneurs to stop HIDING from their camera and start feeling CONFIDENT making videos! She teaches them how to make engaging videos in a fun + powerful way so that they can create more visibility, income and have a bigger impact on their work.

Connect with Sarah :

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About the Show:

The Eleshia Show is a podcast to help female business owners feel empowered to put their well-being first whilst building their businesses. We’ll be bringing you conversations with guests and sometimes just solo episodes. We’ll be discussing strategies, sharing stories, experiences, expertise,  insights, and everything in between to enhance your well-being and build your business while still trying to navigate real life. The host Eleshia Harris will share her decades of project management and wellness coaching experience to help you to start saying yes without procrastinating.



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