Episode 45 - These Three Amazing Books Could Change Your Life Too

Mar 02, 2022
These Three Amazing Books Could Change Your Life Too - The Eleshia Show

I recently wrote this quote: 

“Sometimes you don't know where a decision is going to take but you make it anyway” 

Then I posted it to my stories on instagram without even thinking about the impact it would have on people who read it. 

I had just made a serious life-changing decision and I was still in the moment of actually processing what I’d just done. 

This decision got me thinking about my journey into self development, healing and self discovery and brought up all types of emotions. 

But it also jogged my memory of all the books I’ve read that have led me on this entrepreneurial journey and why I keep on going back to ensure that I look after myself.

Curious to know what they were? You’re in the right place!

In this episode, I share with you the three incredible books that really changed my life and set me on my way to become a business owner.  

No exaggeration- these same books helped me make key decisions in my life and I’m hoping you will take the time to reflect on how they can help you change yours too!  

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Eleshia’s Essentials 

  • “I was so intrigued by that title that I picked it up instantly.  Now I cannot remember if it was recommended to me, but I recall where I was when I got that book. I remember where I was living, what job I was doing and why I read it. I wanted to change my life and that’s what it did. It was a catalyse to the person that I am now, 20 years later”
  • “I remember having a couple of sessions with her once I had read the book and it was all about healing trauma. It was all about talking to your inner child and really letting her know that it was okay. And again, that I hadn't realised that I had been holding on to trauma.”
  • “I answered to her by saying that I would thank her for being so courageous, because when I look back, I was exactly that. I didn't have the fears and all the responsibility Eleshia wanted to do.”

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