Episode 47 - ‘Eating Yourself Back to Health’ at Perimenopause | Louise Carr

Mar 16, 2022
Episode 47 - ‘Eating Yourself Back to Health’ at Perimenopause | Louise Carr


“Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food” 

This famous quote comes from the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates back in 440 BC. 

Despite the fact that many of us seem to have forgotten, this remains true, especially during our perimenopause and menopause years. 

If we want to remain energetic, focused and truly enjoy our lives at midlife, we need to rethink our eating habits. 

This has long been a priority for me. Even back in my corporate days, I used to rock up with huge bottles full of green juice (and people used to laugh) and eat as healthy as I could. But as I’ve got older, it’s become even more important to me.  

But what does rethinking our eating habits actually mean? How do we support our bodies so we look and feel at our best?

In this episode of the podcast, I speak to our special guest, Louise Carr. She’s a nutritionist and self-proclaimed ‘wholefoods ninja’ and has her own story to share about eating for optimal health at midlife. 

When she experienced a health crash at 46, doctors said that she should expect to feel that way at ‘her age’ and put it down to menopause. They didn’t provide any advice or recommendations…

But she didn’t just accept her symptoms. Instead, she focused on retraining as a nutritionist, discovering how she could tweak her food and lifestyle habits to feel better. 

Now she’s here to do the same for you. 

Whether you’re starting to notice symptoms of perimenopause, you’re struggling with symptoms or you simply want to get clued up for what lies ahead, I know you’re going to love this episode. 

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Eleshia’s Essentials

  • “Because menopause or perimenopause isn’t spoken about and because it's really taboo, women get on with it by themselves. We have the medical profession that's not well-trained in the field and we also have a dearth of information. Most of the research that's been done in medicine over the years has been done on men for men.”- Louise
  • “As we pass through what I call the perimenopausal dance, which is the peaks and troughs, our hormones are changing and depleting which can cause a certain amount of stress for the body. We need to eat to nourish ourselves deeply at this chapter of our lives so that we can nurture our bodies through the process of perimenopause.- Louise
  • “We have to recognize that we cannot leave this to chance. Know that the more informed we are, the better our journey is going to be at perimenopause” -Eleshia
  • “It makes sense why we’re all where we’re at during midlife. There’s an element of keeping going, keeping going. And it's only at midlife that you get a minute to breathe. That’s when anything that's going to show up will show up. We can bypass that and say, I’m not doing perimenopause and menopause, this is horrendous and I'm taking a pill to avoid it. But at some point, you've got to rip that bandaid off.” - Louise

More about Louise:

Louise Carr is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant who graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

She works with midlife women who are feeling exhausted, depleted, and out of balance in their life with all of the symptoms of peri-menopause. Using food, nutrition, and lifestyle changes you can leverage this period of natural hormonal change to come home to yourself at midlife, regain your mojo, shift out of overwhelm and lose those feelings of loss of control which emerge as your hormones fluctuate and your body changes. Peri-menopause is a powerful shift from our fertile years to greater creativity and empowerment. Whole foods and dense nutrition can support you to balance your hormones and avoid exhaustion or other emerging health issues at this time.

As a dedicated listener, she approaches the beautiful, intricate tapestry that is you, with empathy, warmth, and an attitude of loving kindness. She believes implicitly in the power of food to support your most vibrant midlife health so that you can experience the best health of your life at midlife.

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