Episode 50 - Why Master The Art of Planning (& 50th Episode Celebration!)

Apr 06, 2022


Being a female entrepreneur and business owner, you know why planning is so effective. You might even have decided to give it a try so you can finally get shit done. 

I’ve been reminding you for months why it’s so important if you want to achieve real lasting success in your business. It’s how you gain clarity, remain true to yourself, define your goals then head out there into the world to make them happen. 

I’ve also tried to convince you that planning is, indeed, super sexy (although I’m not too sure that you believe me yet!) 🤣

But here’s the deal. Planning can be YOUR superpower too, just as it has been mine

If it wasn’t for the fact that I’d pushed myself out of my comfort zone and planned how to make this podcast a success, I most likely wouldn’t have been here, celebrating our 50th episode (woo hoo!

It’s such a huge milestone for me, especially because I procrastinated about it for YEARS before finally taking the leap. What an amazing journey! 

In this solo episode of the podcast, I’d like to invite you to celebrate my successes (including being invited to appear on the Goal Digger Show!), how it all happened and how you can do the same using the art of planning. 

You’ll learn how to deal with life’s setbacks and frustrations, what to do when you haven’t achieved everything on your to-do list and how to move forward. Enjoy! 

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Eleshia’s Essentials

  • “Don’t feel bad if your plans for the last couple of months of content were shit. Sometimes it doesn't feel great to look at your to-do list, your plan, your Trello board, your click up list, whichever you use to track and think what the F what have I actually achieved. But here's what I believe - everything you're doing or everything you have done is setting you up for the future.”  
  • “There is a lesson in everything. It's all about harnessing the magic of surrendering. Not surrendering to be lazy and just stop, but surrendering to actually listen to the lessons and hear what your mind and your body are telling you.” 
  • “Reflect on what's going on around you…Think about what's been happening in the world, what’s been happening to you and what has been happening in the health and wellbeing of those around you.”
  • “Remember that it's your plan. So as long as it's not affecting other people, you can make changes, revise dates or do whatever else you need to. That's okay. Give yourself that permission.”

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