Episode 53 - Taking Control of Your Fertility Journey using Acupuncture with Naava Carman

Apr 27, 2022
Taking Control of Your Fertility Journey using Acupuncture with Naava Carman


Did you delay having children because you just weren’t in the right place in your life at the time? Your career was taking off, you weren’t in a financially stable place or you have other life goals that you want to tick off first. 

But then you get to your mid or late 30s and you start wondering why nothing is happening. 

There are times when you get your hopes up. Your period is a few days late and your heart jumps with excitement. 

Maybe, just maybe, it’s finally happening….

Then your heart sinks when you go to the bathroom and notice those tell-tale drops of blood in the toilet bowl. 

Did you leave it too late? Have you missed your chance to have children? 

I know how traumatic this can be because it happened to be. I was so focused on building my career in the corporate world and taking care of my terminally ill mother that having a baby got pushed way down my list of priorities. 

Then when it was finally time, nothing happened. 

It was only by taking my fertility into my own hands, being my own detective then trying the holistic route that I was able to get to where I am now- a mother of an energetic, beautiful little lady. 

Today’s podcast guest, fertility and obstetric acupuncturist, herbalist, educator and non-practicing doula, Naava Carmen understands just how hard it can be to get pregnant after 35. 

Using her unique approach of mainstream and holistic approaches to fertility, she has enabled women just like you and I to have the family they dream of. 

Listen to this episode to discover: 

  • Why the preconception work you do will transform your child’s life
  • The importance of empowering yourself when it comes to fertility and business
  • How to stop feeling guilty about charging for your services
  • Why solving your fertility issues requires a holistic approach
  • What you can do to solve your gut health to increase your chances of falling pregnant

And much more!

Eleshia's Essentials

  • “You have someone coming in and saying, ‘I've been told I'm never going to conceive naturally’. And then you go on the journey. You get to be there when the baby is born, it's just an extraordinary experience.” - Naava
  • “With regards to the business element as well…I don't think people always recognize that they need to marry the two together in order for it not just to be an expensive hobby”- Eleshia 
  • “They’ve been through so much and you just have to ‘gather them’ first. You've got to make a plan that empowers them. You've got to put goals, signposts and things we're working on. Tests that have been missed, questions to ask, sometimes new consultants to see and really just collect them and hold them on that journey.” - Naava
  • “I knew that I had to try different avenues. I knew that I had gone the medical route, but I also knew I had to try the holistic route as well with the operation to fall back on if I needed it. I asked my consultant just for a little bit more time then I read everything. I think I sent my husband crazy with the amount of information that I was bringing in.”- Eleshia 

More about Naava:

Naava has been in practice for 22 years and spends most of her time working with tricky multi-faceted Reproductive Immunology issues in women over 40 such as recurrent miscarriage, unexplained infertility, and multiple failed ART cycles, and supporting diverse folks in bigger and trans bodies on their reproductive journeys.

When she isn't practicing, Naava spends time Mentoring other Practitioners and runs the Fertility Support Trained Community. You can check out her training on www.fertilitysupport.training which houses The Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture. This is the most comprehensive integrated medicine course available to help Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners gain an in-depth understanding of some of the most complex area issues in fertility, such as the role of the immune system and how Traditional Chinese Medicine can support artificial reproductive techniques like IVF, IUI and ICSI.

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