Episode 59 - Wellness Wednesday: Getting Through Life’s Challenges

Jun 01, 2022
Wellness Wednesday Getting Through Life’s Challenges


“Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don't fight them. Just find a new way to stand.” - Oprah Winfrey

We all face challenges. They’re part of the rollercoaster of life and push us to think about what really matters to us.

We can use them to our advantage,  focusing on how we can improve our self-care, build our resilience and emerge emotionally, mentally, and physically stronger. 

Or we can surrender, continue to feel overwhelmed and miss out on this precious opportunity for personal growth. 

Even when faced with extreme pain, grief, trauma, loss or uncertainty, we can get through. 

Fostering this mindset is especially important at times like these. As I mentioned in this week’s email, this week has been particularly eye-opening for us all.  

We’ve already endured so much over the last few years and yet life always brings surprises our way. It can often feel unfair, especially if we’re already juggling multiple pressures as friends, parents, partners, and business owners and female entrepreneurs working to grow our businesses. 

That’s why I’ve dedicated this week’s episode of the podcast to explore how we can handle these challenges. By opening up about our feelings about grief, loss, infertility or uncertainty, listening to the signals our bodies are sharing and then ensuring we’re taking care of our bodies and minds as best we can, we can get through. 

I’ll share: 

  • Why opening up and sharing how we feel is essential during these difficult times
  • How prioritising spending time with our loved ones can recharge our emotional, psychological AND physical batteries 
  • What I’ll be doing in June to ensure I’m taking care of my health (you should do this too!) 
  • How stress has affected my sleep and what I’m going to do about it
  • What we’ll be chatting about in the podcast this June
  • Grief, loss, infertility, being a carer, and facing life’s struggles

And much more!

Eleshia's Essentials

  • “I don't want anybody to suffer in silence, especially when they lose somebody that is really close to them or they have trauma in their life because of loss or grief.”
  • “This is a time where we have to start drawing on our communities and spending time with our loved ones and getting to know people that really make our lives more fulfilling.”
  • “Start to think about the small things that you could be doing within your lifestyle to ensure that you have the energy you need to enjoy socializing, networking, family time and alone time too.”
  • “Give yourself those pockets of time. Even if it's just an hour where you drink your favourite drink out of an amazing cup, or you go for a walk on your own for half an hour, or you take that afternoon nap when you're supposed to be doing laundry.”

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