Episode 65 - “This is My Body and You Should be Invited to Touch it” with Lindsay Nelson

Jul 20, 2022
This is My Body and You Should be Invited to Touch it


Do you ever feel like, as a woman, the world has control over you and not the other way around? 

Perhaps you’ve been a victim of sexual trauma. You’ve experienced difficult or painful gynaecological examinations from people who don’t seem to ‘get it’.

Or, like me, you’ve encountered unsympathetic and even rude medical practitioners as you struggle with your fertility, suffer from a miscarriage, or attempt to access birth control? 

Maybe your smear test (pap smear) has left you feeling uncomfortable, your doctor touched you without asking or you felt vulnerable, exposed, and powerless. 

As this week’s podcast guest, sexual and reproductive trauma expert, Lindsay Nelson shares, we need to reclaim our power by standing up for our reproductive choices and ownership of our bodies

By communicating our needs, giving ourselves grace, and asking for what we need, we can all gain a sense of empowerment that doesn’t just ensure we can reclaim our bodies but can also unleash our inner strength and confidence so we can step into our most awesome selves. 

Lindsay is the founder of Repro Empowerment, the Empowerment Coaching, and Awareness in Repro & Sex Health & Rights organisation that shares how self-advocacy and reproductive choices can transform your life, just as it did hers. 

Listen to this episode to discover: 

  • How you can beat fear and uncertainty with one quick and simple process
  • What you should do when your doctor doesn’t acknowledge your needs
  • Why freezing her eggs in Mexico helped her heal her trauma 
  • The truth about your smear test and how to make it more comfortable 
  • How recognising your trauma and giving yourself grace can transform your experience
  • Why many doctors will never fully understand the female experience 
  • Saying ‘NO’ and how to communicate your needs to the medical profession
  • How experiencing failure after failure affects your connection with yourself 
  • The reason why trying to feel what the other feels sometimes keeps us from just really being in tune with what's going on inside

And much more!

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • “I just give myself grace that even if it goes well, I still might have some feelings that might drain me a little bit. So tell your family ‘please give me some grace today. I’m doing the best I can.’” - Lindsay
  • “I really found it life-altering. It was the most efficient healing and I knew I couldn't keep it to myself. I knew I wasn't alone in my sexual trauma and my health care trauma. I wasn't alone in my age and desire to pause my fertility. The power of being in charge of sexual reproductive health procedures was really a game-changer.” - Lindsay
  • “For me as a mother, I want to make sure that I'm informed and I want to make sure that everybody around me is informed as well. That they can advocate for themselves and they should be in these scenarios and they shouldn't be scared to do so.” - Eleshia
  • “I was thinking about all of the women who have to go into for smear tests. That must be so uncomfortable if you've already been [00:17:40] traumatized. You're going to be 100% tense, and you're going to freak out at anything that the doctors or the nurse says, if they haven't been informed that that's how you're feeling.” - Eleshia 

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About Lindsay:

When founder Lindsay Nelson, MPA (she/her), froze her eggs in Mexico and found life-altering healing of trauma through the empowering process, she knew she couldn’t keep it to herself!

She knew she wasn’t alone in her trauma, her age and desire to pause her fertility, and how the power of being in charge of a sexual/reproductive health procedure (for once) was a game-changer.

Her primary and gyno doctors, family members and partner all remarked how she returned a bolder, less-anxious, and more decisive woman!

She took charge of her life, and changed business, location and relationships that no longer brought her meaning or empowerment. She knew she must use her years of personal and professional experience and education in trauma-informed human services to give others the opportunity of empowerment through Reproductive Choices.

Thus, Repro Empowerment was born.

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