Episode 68 - How to Elevate Your Style & Unleash Your Body Confidence with Brandi Johnson

Aug 10, 2022
How to Elevate Your Style & Unleash Your Body Confidence with Brandi Johnson


We all love music, don’t we? 

Do you ever feel that you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to your clothing? You wish you could be as stylish and ‘pulled together’ as some of the other female entrepreneurs you see. 

You find yourself living in leggings and jeans, wearing the same old dull colours or struggling to find anything that you feel confident in. 

Even if you do try something new, nothing seems to fit you properly or enhance your best features. More often than not, you can find yourself believing that it’s your fault, that your body is ‘strange’ and you should just give up with the image makeover. 

If you’re over 40 like many of us are (or have had kids), the problem can seem even worse. Your body is changing and you’re not sure how to make the most of your gorgeous figure. 

I can certainly relate. I’ve found myself pulling the same old colours (purple or neutrals) from the cupboard and sticking to leggings and jeans since I had my daughter. But I’m ready for a transformation and I’m sure you are too. 

That’s why I sat down with personal style expert and body confidence coach, Brandi Johnson for this week’s episode of the podcast to find out how we can claim more joy, confidence and abundance in our lives and get that wardrobe that elevates our style and reflects who we are becoming. 

She shared with me so many truths about our clothes, trends and choices and I can’t wait for you to hear the same. 

[Love this? Brandi is launching a group coaching programme in September, “Getting Dressed Again” that will help you define your signature style, understand how to dress your unique body shape and effortlessly dress for any occasion without sacrificing comfort. Click the link to find out more. Visit her website to find out more.] 

Listen to this episode to discover: 

  • How to discover your personal style in an authentic and relevant way 
  • Why it’s not your fault if the clothes you want to wear don’t suit you
  • The secret of finding your style, even when you’re over 40
  • Why plus is not a body shape (and neither is fruit!) 
  • Classic pieces everyone should own

And much more! Listen below 

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • “There's this belief out there that as women, we all know how to get dressed and we know how to style ourselves. It's supposed to be this just innate natural thing like breathing or brushing your teeth. And it's not! It really isn't. We're not taught. What we are taught is to dress our size, which is very damaging. We're not taught to DRESS OUR BODY SHAPES.”- Brandi
  • “When I was growing up, a lot of the clothes that I wanted to wear were all wrong. My bottom was too big for the jeans, my bottom was too big for the skirts and so forth. And so, I struggled. I always thought that it was my body and not the fact that those clothes were just not for me.” - Eleshia
  • “Start getting rid of the stuff that doesn't bring you any sort of happiness, whether it's because of the body shape or it's just not you anymore. A lot of times we don't do that because we're so afraid we won't find something else. That's the leap.” - Brandi
  • “There's so much growing and evolving that we've done as people since we wore those clothes. Yet when it comes to our closets, we're like, ‘ No, no, no, no, no.That should stay exactly the same.’” -Brandi 

About Brandi:

Brandi Johnson is personal style expert and body confidence coach, learning and development leader, speaker, writer, and the founder of Brandeis Nicole, a personal style & coaching firm.

After earning degrees at Brown University and UC Berkeley, Brandi led a storied career as a learning and development leader and executive at a national consulting firm. She quickly earned a reputation for style along with program design and training, and found herself coaching her colleagues on looking their best. During that time, a dramatic weight gain from an endometriosis medication left her frustrated with ill-fitting clothes and wreaked havoc on her confidence. Determined to find a better way, she was selected to join an intensive, invite-only training with Stacy London from TLC’s What Not to Wear, where she developed her signature methodology for personal styling, focusing on the science of style, body shape and fit.

An educator at heart, Brandi has styled well over 1000 clients, and is known for her transformational approach to style as a form of self-actualization. She helps women of all shapes and sizes, especially women navigating changing bodies, find the joy that happens when they confidently step into who they are with an effortless wardrobe to match.

Brandi enjoys dance, fruity cocktails, gets embarrassed for other people when watching reality shows, and has never met a french fry she didn’t like. A Bay Area native who most recently called Brooklyn home for 15 years, she now resides in Houston, TX and loves the H-town charm.

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