Episode 71 - How to Deal With Those Difficult Emotions So They Don’t Stand In Your Way

Sep 07, 2022
How to Deal With Those Difficult Emotions So They Don’t Stand In Your Way


Imagine that you’ve just faced a situation that has left you emotionally charged. 

You’re feeling sad, angry, frustrated, jealous or rejected and feel completely overwhelmed with it all. 

Perhaps you’ve just received terrible or challenging news. Faced backstabbing or gossip at work or between friends. Lost a parent or loved one. Had a fight with your partner. Or even lost out on that incredible business opportunity that you had your heart set on. 

What do YOU do? 

Do you push through those emotions, try to ignore them and just keep yourself distracted with work, growing your business or anything else that keeps you busy? 

Or just close up, put on a brave face, and keep marching on like nothing has happened and you don’t care anyway. 

Or even feel totally destroyed, demotivated, and can barely move from your seat, let alone think about your business strategy or what to cook for your evening meal. 

As I share in this week’s solo episode of the podcast, whilst you can’t control what is going on in the world, you CAN choose how to react to those emotional challenges so they don’t destroy your day, your week or force you to give up on your dreams. 

Take it from me- when my mum passed away, I went into full distraction mode. I kept burying my emotions until my physical and mental health was in tatters, my body was inflamed and I struggled with my fertility. Then I had to spend the next 18 months trying to undo all the damage I’d done. 

Listen to this episode to learn: 

  • Why bad news can feel even more overwhelming when you’re juggling everything as a female entrepreneur
  • What my husband told me that completely transformed my outlook and gave me the strength I needed 
  • The POWER of listening and seeking external support when times get tough 
  • How tuning in to my body and giving it EXACTLY what it needed gave me clarity and calm
  • What our periods (or female cycle) have to do with our stress levels and emotional state and how to harness its power

And much more! Listen below.

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • “You're not alone with this emotional roller coaster. You can be happy and sad and then crying and then, you know, back up to happy in the space of an hour. And that’s okay. As long as you recognize it.”
  • “I know that you are angry and you are emotional and upset at this moment. But just take a minute to really think about how long you want to stay feeling this way because this is your day. Do not let this one conversation ruin your whole day.”
  • “We can't always control what happens in our lives, what people are saying or what emotions it triggers. But we can control how we react.”
  • “I check to see where you are in your female cycle because that is also going to give you an indication of how you might be feeling, how much energy you have and the emotions that challenges trigger.”

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