Episode 84 - Body Positivity & How to Become The Best Version of Ourselves with Laura-Lee Bowers

Dec 21, 2022
Body Positivity & How to Become The Best Version of Ourselves


Are you living in your best body? 

Do you feel confident, vibrant, and enthusiastic about life because you’ve been nourishing your body and mind and prioritising self-care? 

Or do you feel tired, sluggish, or even overweight? Lacking in motivation or focus? Perhaps you even avoid looking at yourself in the mirror because you know that you’re not going to be 100% happy with the person looking back at you? 

So many of us lack confidence in our bodies and struggle with our self-esteem, especially as we get older. If you’ve had a baby or have struggled through an injury, illness, or burnout, it’s likely to be even worse. 

And of course, I know that as a female entrepreneur or business owner, you’re juggling so many different responsibilities that doing something about it can feel close to impossible. 

How can you make a positive change to your diet, find time for that workout or even start practising meditation if you barely have a moment free??

But according to this week’s podcast guest, researcher, nutritionist, and master healer Laura-Lee Bowers, we’ve got it all wrong. 

Living in our best-ever bodies and enjoying our best-ever lives comes from self-empowerment, not by following fad diets or focusing solely on our physical selves. 

By looking deeper within ourselves, considering our psychological, emotional, and spiritual selves first, we can clear away those blockages then heal, grow and get that much closer to fulfilling our potential. 

Listen to this episode to discover: 

  • Why self-understanding and empowerment are KEY when it comes to filling our own cups and achieving our life, business, financial, and body goals
  • The truth about how we can create our best ever lives (clue: it’s not about working our butts off!)
  • How I really feel about the way my body has changed since pregnancy
  • Why we need to take a highly personalised approach when it comes to both understanding ourselves and achieving our goals

And much more! Listen below 👇

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • “In Western culture, we have this very linear, scientific view or even masculine yang view that, one plus one equals two. This is what we have been taught and for a lot of us, it’s been holding us back. Because now women are coming into roles where, even if we’re not running businesses, we’re claiming our voices.”- Laura
  • “I saw my mum put everyone else first on a day-to-day basis and she wasn’t very happy with the body she lived in. She looked after everybody but herself. When she passed away, I was like, ‘Okay, I can’t continue to live my life for everybody else. I’ve got to live it for myself first.’ That was huge for me.” -Eleshia
  • “I came to the realization recently that everything that I teach is all about empowerment. Anything that you wanna achieve, any of these big goals, really what you really need to be is empowered in order to achieve them.” - Laura
  • “When I was thinking about my interpretation of living in my best body, I was thinking about being comfortable in my body and how my body looks. Honestly, it can be quite triggering because now also I'm also thinking about the fact that pre-pregnancy I was a different shape. And now, years after my pregnancy, I'm a different shape. and neither of them for me was right or wrong. But they're different.” -Eleshia

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About Laura-Lee Bowers

Laura-Lee Bowers is a researcher, nutritionist and master healer who mentors conscious women to get into the best bodies of their lives using holistic health, healing and wellness principles.

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