What to Expect in a Barre Class

Mar 28, 2018

"What’s Barre?” “Will I like it?” “Do I need dance experience?” “Is it hard?”

These are the exact questions I get asked every day from students who are thinking about coming along to my Barre classes.

They want to try something a bit different from those same old exercise classes on offer at the local gym but they’re worried they’d be unable to keep up and end up making a fool of themselves.

Sound familiar?

I know I felt the same before I walked into every single one of the exercise classes I’ve ever tried. I know how hard it can be.

That’s why I’ve create a quick blog post this week which explains exactly what you should expect from a Barre class. Keep reading!


#1: They’re a judgement-free zone   

If you read my last blog ‘My Story: How I Got Into Pilates’, you’ll know that I’ve been to many fitness classes over the years and in the end, I got sick of being criticised or judged. Needless to say, I won’t be doing that to you at all!

Because I know that we’re not all the same body shape or build; we’re all beautifully unique human beings. What comes really easily to one person in a Barre class won’t necessarily be as easy for someone else. And there’s nothing wrong with this at all- it’s perfectly normal.

To help us all enjoy our Barre class together, I offer tons of modifications and progressions to experiment with. My belief is that, as long as we are all moving safely, we’re good. :)


#2: You’ll be getting a full body workout

I love the way that Barre workouts give you a whole body workout which is fun, energetic and really gets you those results you want from a fitness class!

Combining moves from Pilates, yoga and dance, it gives a totally unique challenge to your entire body and will definitely help you develop the strong, toned body that you crave.  

It’s great for everyone because it’s really low-impact, suitable for all ages (I have clients that are over 60), it’s brilliant at helping you get back into shape after having a baby, it’s great for active people and those with desk jobs, and you don’t have to be as flexible as a pretzel to get real results.

Oooh I nearly forgot to mention- no dance experience is required either, just a ‘can do’ attitude.


#3: The class will be wonderfully varied

Most of my Barre classes are broken down into short blocks which have the following format:

1) A short warm-up

Your warm up will last around 10 minutes and includes plenty of flexibility work and stretching to ensure that you’re nice and warm.

2) Upper Body Love

Next we move on to our upper body, including our arms. We use light hand weights during this section.  

3) Barre fun!

Then we come to the best bit of all - the Barre. We’ll be using our body weight as resistance to complete the Isometric and flexibility series for around 30 minutes.

These Barre exercises are fantastic as they involve small movement that don’t put any pressure on your joints but still help burn fat and build long lean muscles.

We also include some extra flexibility work here to lengthen and strengthen the muscles, plus some cardio intervals to really get your heart rate up.

4) Intensive toning

We also manage to find time for some intensive ab, leg and booty exercises that will really help sculpt your figure and get you looking and feeling your best.


However, be warned that not all of my Barre classes contain the exact same exercises each time. That wouldn’t be any fun at all!  I like to keep everything fresh, change things up a bit and give you more of what you enjoy too.

Sometimes I’ll even include a complimentary relaxation session at the end. This is the perfect way to round off your workout and briefly disconnect from the madness of everyday life.

Be aware that I'm very hands-on because I want to ensure that we all find correct alignment so we stay safe from any injuries. As much as I want us all to have fun whilst participating, it is my absolute mission to keep you safe whilst keeping you moving.


 #4: We’ll be using some light equipment

Whilst much of your Barre workout class will be done using just bodyweight, we’ll also add in some gym equipment to help us get as much from our workouts as possible.

This includes a fixed or portable barre, weights, Pilates balls and sometimes resistance bands too.


#5: You can dress for comfort

It’s really important that you feel comfortable whilst you come along to my Barre classes, so please wear something that helps you feel good. Think along the lines of what you’d wear to a pilates or yoga class.

I need to see your body so I can check that you’re working from the right places, so please choose leggings, a sports top that you love and some socks (preferably grippy ones).

Remember, this is a judgement-free zone so don’t think you have to dress to impress!


#6: You won’t need to bring much to class.

You’ll definitely need water in this workout and maybe a little towel to wipe your brow. That’s all.


To round things up, remember that at my Barre classes; you won’t be judged, you will get a whole body workout, the workout routine will be varied, you will be using some equipment and you should dress in comfortable yet fitted clothes so I can keep you on track.

If you have any more questions about coming along to my Barre classes or you just want to say hi, please come over to my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram.


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