Harness Your Female Energy Digital Planner 

Understand what is going on in your body and then get strategic when it comes to:

  • Planning
  • Scheduling Key Tasks
  • Networking and;
  • Self-care

Using this Harness Your Female Energy Digital Planner you can maximise your potential and keep growing your business. 

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Do you dread your period coming because you worry that you’re not going to feel at your best?


Low energy levels? 


Less confidence and productivity?


Imagine if, instead you could make your menstrual cycle into something to be honoured, celebrated and welcomed with open arms. Better still, imagine if you could work with your natural flows, not against them and turn your periods into a tool for productivity. 

The Harness Your Female Energy Planner is here to support you in boosting your skills and embracing your true self across the four phases of your female cycle. And if you do not have a bleed anymore, we’ll make use of the moon phases for that.


Inside you'll have:

Prompts for you get clear on you want for the year.


Female and Moon Cycle Phases and Weekly reminders.


Weekly Planners and Daily Planners. 


Not ready for one-on-one coaching?


Grab my Digital Planner!


You can use it to get clear on your why, define your goals and start planning.

That's not all!

For a limited time when you buy The Harness Your Female Energy Planner I am also giving FREE access to a live Workshop that's worth £97.

During this Workshop I will show you how to map out your desires using your new planner.

Whats Inside this digital planner? 

  • Prompts for you to really get clear on what you want.
  • Female and Moon Cycle Phases 
  • A Yearly Calendar
  • Yearly Overview 
  • Quarterly Focus 
  • Monthly View's 
  • Weekly Planners
  • Daily Planners 
  • Female and Moon Cycle Weekly reminders 
  • Habit trackers 
  • And so much more. 

Listen to the 6 part series Harnessing the Female Cycle & Learning to Live in Flow


Mairi and I discuss exactly how we girls can maximise our productivity, harness our unique female energy and boost our skills during all phases of our monthly cycles.