Episode 129: Beyond the Covers | My Virtual Bookshelf of Recommendations

Feb 01, 2024
Beyond the Covers: My Virtual Bookshelf of Recommendations


Ever get lost in a good memoir and feel like you're right there with the author, living through their highs and lows? That's exactly where I found myself when I decided to dive into more books by black authors last year.

In this episode, I take you on my latest literary adventure.

I explored stories of resilience, love, heartache and so much more from icons like Cicely Tyson in "Just As I Am" and eagerly anticipating the screen adaptation of "Black Cake." There's a certain magic in reliving Mariah Carey's life through her autobiography and getting swept away by the vibe of her live performances – a magic I can't wait to share with you.

But this episode isn't just about reliving stories; it's like a virtual bookshelf full of recommendations spanning genres and experiences.

In this episode:

  • I talked about the transformative power of the books that we read from a personal and professional perspective. 
  • I spoke about the impact all of the books had on me, like  the resonant wisdom of Tabitha Brown in 'Feeding the Soul' to the financial savvy in 'Rich as F,' it's clear that stories aren't just for entertainment; they empower and educate too.

Join me as we share these books' gems, and I'd love to hear how these stories align with your own life experiences.

Happy listening!

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