Episode 133: Finding Balance: Navigating Conscious Parenting During Perimenopause with Marisa Raymond

Apr 17, 2024
Finding Balance: Navigating Conscious Parenting During Perimenopause with Marisa Raymond



In this episode, I have the amazing Marisa back for her second episode.

We're back today talking about conscious parenting, being perimenopausal, reflecting on our lives, and balancing self-care.

I love continuing to have these open and honest conversations. The more we talk about these topics the more we normalise them. 

As a first-time parent to one child, I am always learning as my daughter gets older.

There is always a tug of war between spending time with her and doing my home chores, ensuring that I'm being a good mum, ensuring that I'm being a good wife, and continuing to do work within my business. Hearing from other mothers who run their own businesses is so helpful, especially when they’ve been where you are and share their knowledge and insights. 

Marissa is a playful parenting coach, yoga teacher, and board-certified genetic counselor. She helps. Parents and children who feel mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted from trying to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Her clients crave more family time, but then when it comes, they don't know how to connect in ways that are meaningful and enjoyable for everybody. Tempers flare, buttons get pushed, and everyone ends up feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated. Marisa helps them get clear about what they really want, need, and desire.

In this episode:

  • Marisa and I talked about feeling the mum guilt
  • We talked about the pressures that we put on ourselves to be perfect all of the time.
  • We also discussed going through perimenopause symptoms ourselves and still having to parent.
  • Marissa takes us through a powerful ‘peace begins with you’ exercise for the times when we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

And so much more

I really hope this episode resonates with you. Please share it with others that you think can benefit from it. 



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