Episode 33 - How Knowing Your Numbers Can Help You to Know Yourself | Samantha Sutherland

Nov 24, 2021
Episode 33 - How Knowing Your Numbers Can Help You to Know Yourself | Samantha Sutherland


Did you know that numbers, just like zodiac signs,  can have a powerful effect on your life? 

By learning more about numerology, the study of numbers, you can discover more about your personality, life path and perhaps even discover your life’s greatest purpose.

Understand how their energy affects your life and you can maximise your true potential, achieve your dreams and fulfil your destiny. 

That’s exactly what numerologist and energy alignment practitioner, Samantha Sutherland will be sharing with us this week as she takes the virtual couch. 

She’ll share with us her own story of growth and explain everything you need to know about soul numbers, energy and the ‘Peter Pan’ effect to start seeing the benefits in your life from today. 

Even if you’re sceptical when it comes to spirituality, energy or alternative topics, you’ll find this episode absolutely fascinating! Don’t miss it! 

If you're curious about how you can calculate your life path and destiny number, you can start by finding out your seven numbers ready and have a session with Samantha here!

Eleshia’s Essentials:

  • If you're feeling more confident in your purpose, in the role that you want to do, and in your service, then, you know that your business will start to flourish as well.

We also learned so many lessons from Samantha:

  • It’s not about success. It’s about fulfillment.
  • Numerology is a life-affirming process. 
  • The more ways you can be yourselves, the better. And the less you need to run from yourself, the more you'll accept who you are.
  • Life is so small in comparison to the universe. Our time here is so tiny. So, let's make the most of that. Let's live our best lives.
  • There are certainly combinations where it's going to be harder than it needs to be. It's just whether you're willing to bend and compromise and make that work, whether it’s strong enough for you to do that. So there is no such thing as a bad number. It’s how you relate to it and how you use it.

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More about Samantha:

Samantha Sutherland is a numerologist and energy alignment practitioner. Over the years she’s been known as ‘The Elbow Whisperer’, ‘The Magic Arm Lady’, and by one affectionate client ‘A Witch’. These names come from when she solely offered kinesiology as a Bio Alignment tool. 

Her toolbox has since grown and now she’s largely recognised for uniquely combining numerology with energy healing; by unveiling and unlocking your true self we deliver a power punch to your potential.

It took her 40+ years & three careers to figure out that it’s supporting women, to know they are so much more than their limiting beliefs and the roles they play, that really leaves her fulfilled. She also believes that we all deserve to thrive, manifest, feel happy, loved, healthy, and financially abundant.

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Show Transcript:

​​Samantha Sutherland: We are human. And regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, that we have within us, uniquely free will. So we can do whatever we want. However, I will maintain that if you find yourself feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied or frustrated, you're out of alignment with your numbers. 

Eleshia Harris: Hey, I'm Eleshia Harris, and I am the host of The Eleshia Show where each week, we'll be having conversations about how to enhance your wellbeing. We'll be sharing strategies and stories and insights to build your business while still navigating life because sometimes we try to separate the two. And let's face it. If you are not well, you have no business. I am a holistic business growth strategist and a wellness coach who spent over 15 years in corporate before deciding to choose me first to build my brand, Eleshia Lifestyle. I'm here to teach you how to redefine what success means to you, ditch the stress and confusion, and learn how to run your business from a place of ease and excitement. Let's get into this week's episode.

Hi, and welcome back to The Eleshia Show. I'm so happy that you're here with me again. This week, we are talking to Samantha Sutherland, and we are talking all things numbers. It may not be the numbers that you were thinking of. We are talking about numerology and how it can help you. 

Now, let me give you a little bit of a backstory. I kept on seeing the same numbers come up over and over again in the same kind of sequence. And then I would see people using the same numbers when it came to selling their products and so forth. And I just started to become really curious as to why I kept on seeing these particular numbers. And then, Mairi and I were having a conversation one day and Samantha's name came up and she was like, you really need to meet her. And once we did, I was like, yes. Samantha is my type of lady. It took some out for three careers to figure out that she wanted to support women and help them with their limiting beliefs. It truly upsets her to know that many of us are having beliefs that are holding us back as we all deserve to thrive, manifest, feels happy, loved, healthy, and financially abundant if that's what we want. 

In this episode, we are going to talk about knowing your personal numbers and how that can really help you to strive. Samantha gives us a rundown on how the numbers work and how you can use them, and so much more good stuff. I'm not going to give it all away. I want you to listen to the episode. I also just want to say a huge thank you. We are in 40 countries. Shout in our island today. I see you. I'm so, so excited that we continue to grow, and I am so thankful. Thank you so much. Enjoy this episode.

Eleshia Harris:  Hi Samantha, and thank you so, so much for being a guest today on The Eleshia Show. Ever since I met you, I was like, I have to have you on the show. And yes, we have had so many different conversations over the last couple of months of knowing each other. And I just want to get into it. I just want to get into knowing all of it. 

So how did you find the numbers? Do we even start there? 

Samantha Sutherland: Yes. I guess that's one of the most recent pivotal points in my life. So I process a lot of these things. I found myself in a Facebook group with somebody who happened to do numerology, I never heard of it. This must be about 2017 or 2018. And I just really loved this lady's energy. She later became my mentor, and she just was doing some stuff. And in 2018, I nearly walked away from my whole business. I've been practicing healers since I started training in 2010 and 2018. I just made some poor business decisions that were overwhelming, the stuff that's going on at home was overwhelming. And in 2018, and I'm sure there are loads of solopreneurs out there. I just went, I can't do this anymore. I'm just fighting an uphill battle. I don't know what I'm trying to do. I was in comparisonitis. 

Eleshia Harris: All of the things. 

Samantha Sutherland: Yes, imposter syndrome and all of that stuff. And I was like, oh, I don't want to do this. And then met the business coach. So then spent 10 months, seriously, self-healing like mega self-healing. And I was still in this Facebook group, and then on my 44th birthday, just over two years ago, I thought I'm going to buy numerology reading. It wasn't a lot of money - we're talking a couple of gens, three gen sort of thing. And when I read it, it was one of these things. I've done a lot of these, the Myers-Briggs tests and all this stuff. So I'm quite good at stopping awareness. That's been self-healing and healing in training for the last eight years. And I just was reading it, literally just paragraphs on each of my numbers, my seven core numbers. And it was like half number 9, kind of bored with that. Destiny six, yes, okay. Well, I'm going to have to accept who I am. And then it gave me my soul number. So what lights my heart, what this physical embodiment of me really wants? And it was this dirty little secret that I kept inside on paper. Yes, I know. It sounds awful, doesn't it? No, it's because of the nine and the six, I won't go too much into the numbers of how you want to do this, but the nine and six were compassionate. They're caring, they're of service. They've given us all about everybody else. So astrologically think [inaudible]. That's what we're comparing with. But this day, my little secret of mine is that I quite like, I want to need, and I'm here for some bank. And I don't know what they say, and I want success and I want money. And it was in such contrast to this world I'd created and how people perceive me. It was my dirty little secret. And the sole number is something you don't go out telling the world about, it's something you might tell your close friends or something, but you don't go standing out loud. It's like in your heart. And there was, I was the sole number one, the independent leader. And it was just literally, we're talking probably not even more than a hundred words that had me in near tears. Just going, that's who I am. It's okay. It's okay to be that person and this person? Oh, I could lead in my fields, couldn't I? I mean I'm not right there yet, but I'm getting there. And, of course, I could have had that thought process at any time on my journey, but it was that. And then I just studied more, I followed more and then I went on a spiritual apprenticeship with my mentor and actually learned numerology like I formerly did a course. There's no university. There are no degrees. It's almost like through tutors. I swear to God, if you did a past life on me, I've done this before while I was like, Pythagora's sidekick. It just comes as a second language, as easy as it is for bilingual people to speak more than one language.

Numerology is a language that we got loads of learning because it's a new body. It's just the more you learn, the more you learn.  But it's just natural for me. I can see the patterns and little things like I've always counted letters and stuff, and I'm like, this makes so much sense. And that was it. So summer 2019, and then did the apprenticeship just as locked down was hitting. And now it's central to my business, and I love it. For me, my journey has just made so much sense in my life. Everything's like, okay. That makes sense. 

Eleshia Harris: But you can tell you love it because you're so passionate about it. And I remember when I had my reading and I was like, oh my gosh. This woman is so passionate about and gets excited. And we had the same kind of energy around all of that that I was like, oh my gosh, I need more. 

Samantha Sutherland: This is it. Your numerology is not complicated. And they were being completely transparent and you can go onto the internet for free and find out all your numbers and stuff. Just working with your numerologist, they are able to see some patterns and explain and use your life experience and make sense of it. So it's just another layer, but you can go out there. It's common and free knowledge. I just happened to make a business out of that knowledge, but it's just understanding ourselves as not having to be complicated. In numerology, I think what I love about it is it's not complicated and it suits me because I've always said, I may go with my feet firmly on this physical and materialistic. But my head is very much with spirit and with the universe, and all that. And numerology is just this beautiful blend of Maths and Metascience, and I adore it. I absolutely adore it. And luckily, so do my clients. 

Eleshia Harris: Yes. And I think for me, I've always been interested, but didn't know much about it and didn't know how to get the knowledge. Does that make sense? So just like you said, I love a little bit of woo. I love crystals. I love essential oils. And I am spiritual from that perspective, where I talk to the universe and so forth. But then I kept on seeing these numbers. They just kept appearing and I was like, I need to know more about this. And then it just aligns that I got to meet you.

Samantha Sutherland:  Go figure.

Eleshia Harris: Yes, I asked for it and I got it. 

Samantha Sutherland: I've never heard of it. I never heard of it until I came across this person because of somebody else that I was following in the group. Just talking about this person. Wow, she sounds really cool. And I went in her group and like, I didn't know that. I did not have any idea. And you don't know what you don't know. So these sorts of things, it is a word of mouth. It is just randomly searching on the internet and going, oh, that sounds a bit different. And I'm just being open to it. So it's like anything. It's not for everybody, but it's for a lot of people. And a lot of people die, I say, positive of covid. There's a lot of people who have been searching for answers. Who’s been looking for life expansion and life-affirming statements and wanting to really go like, is this it? What if I've got an opportunity to evaluate my life here? What do I want from it? And numerology can say, well, this is what is possible.

Eleshia Harris: Yes. 

Samantha Sutherland: You've got free will. You do what you want to do. But numerology enables you to go and to understand yourself, to understand your potential, where your center of excellence says, so your destiny, you decide to choose to go down that way, or how to just make life easy? It's not about success to me, it's about fulfillment. There's no point in having 5 million pounds in the bank and just feeling empty inside. 

Eleshia Harris: Exactly. 

Samantha Sutherland: That's why so many famous people are lonely. It's not because they don't have it, it's because something's going astray in understanding why you might feel like that. Numerology is a tool that can provide those answers. It's one of many tools. It's just the tool that I adore. 

Eleshia Harris: Exactly what you just said, it's another tool, isn't it? And this is what I loved. I love the fact that, for me, it was a tool that I could use, or I could even just experiment with or look into. Investigate, I think that's the word I'm looking for. Investigate when it comes to my business. For me, when you and I met, I was like, oh, this could be another additional tool that I could be using within my business to help me understand certain elements of where I want to go and what my desires are, and why. It answered a lot of whys for me. It gave me a lot of confirmation as to why I do things, and the reasoning, and who I am. So, for me, when we met, I was just like, yes, this is another additional tool that can be used. And I love the fact that it just felt so aligned.

Samantha Sutherland: What I love about this is that 99% of people I've worked with, now, at what level we worked at, numerology should be and is a life-affirming process. This shouldn't be showing you something that you'd like, I've no idea who you just described. I do not recognize anything. Hopefully, you recognize that person in who you work, who you want to be if you're not there, or if you're there and you're like, oh, right so if I make these tweaks, it will be even easier. Life will be even more profound for me. It shouldn't be like a slap in the face going, oh my God, I've just wasted 30 years. It shouldn't be like that because hopefully,  you're pretty much living the life you were born to live anyway that you came down here to experience. Sometimes it's just tweaks. I did a session for a 75-year-old lady who was just, and I'm like why? And she loved it, because she goes, well, that makes sense and this makes sense.

Eleshia Harris: I love that. 

Samantha Sutherland: And we network together and she's like, because I'm a five. And she really owned it, and she was never too late to go. Just want to know myself a little bit deeper when I look at myself in the mirror and understand just a little bit more. And then through the process, hopefully, you're getting that hug from yourself, a hug from the universe, a hug from the numerology that says, go girl! You've got it. You're doing it. And just notch that bit and just your life will be good. So yes, it's a really positive experience. One positive experience while we don't want to be told we're useless and we'll prove it. We've got all this stuff going on. If you want to know, yes, I can. Excellent, let's go do it. 

Eleshia Harris: Yes. Yes, I love that. I think I love that she was curious at 75. I think we should all still be curious.

Samantha Sutherland: The other end, I had a 21-year-old lad. He goes, I don't want to get to my 40s so exactly who am I? Exactly, what am I after? Because I want to know it, then I can decide if I want to lean into it. I want to make sure that I'm flowing with my life and I'm like, oh my God. 

Eleshia Harris: I love him.

Samantha Sutherland: Amazing. So do I. Just amazing. And my son knows who he is and what he is, and in terms of numerology, he's very different from me and my husband. He's 17, he grasps it to a point that he's 17. So he would do what he does, but it's about having the information. And I think, the more ways you can view yourselves in numerology... the better, the less you need to run from yourself. The more you'll accept who you are and work with yourself, or then against yourself. And life is easier when you work with yourself. 

Eleshia Harris: Yes. So can you take us through a process of if somebody wants you to work with you, what would they get? 

Samantha Sutherland: At the moment now, the three core areas and another due to be launched later this year. The very easiest way to dip your toe in is to withstand a standard seven-number reading.  it's just a really low-cost entry point. So if you don't like it, you've not broken your bank. You're just like, oh, that was interesting. No more than a visit to the cinema type of situation. And for that price, they get a PDF document, no contact from me and they tell them their life path number, their destiny, their soul, their maturity, their personality. So lots of numbers. They say they get a very lovely picture of who they are and what their main skills and talents are. And I'll let them know what information is good for their life card number and some other little beautiful things like that. Then my most popular service is my current middle one, which is like self-awareness. I love my report, I want more, give me some more.

Eleshia Harris: Yes, that was me. 

Samantha Sutherland: Exactly. And that's it, you'll get people who are like, okay, this was freaky what you knew. I want to know some more about myself. So then they come on and we do a 90-minute chat where we take these seven numbers predominantly, we talk about those. I asked you questions. It's really interactive. It's not lecturing. And you get to understand the points in your life why you have been the way you've been, and then I unveil. I think it's nine or eleven numbers, I can never remember. And in those numbers, I love those numbers because these are more like, this is how you operate. So this is how I am, but these are how you operate. So we cover what skills you don't have. And if you're 30 plus, you've probably realized that unconsciously created strategies, but this will go, oh, okay, that's why. So that makes sense why I have struggled in this area. It's like a missing tool from your toolbox of life. Then you've got your hidden passion number which is, I call it the Peter Pan effect. The merry dance behind you. The shadows go together what I say goes really... and that's one of my favorite numbers. And actually, mine's one, so I had the sole one. But actually, my hidden passion was this one is really strong energy for me, happens to be the same number. And then we look at ways that you naturally think or how you deal with trauma, how you deal with change, generally your brain thought process. And then how you approach projects, are you a good starter, are you a finisher? All through using the numbers. And again, through that for myself, my natural way of thinking so my rational thought is the three to three, the creative. And maybe speak to my husband or my family like, I thought you'd made a decision. Yes, but what if we did this. And that I thought about this, and then I've done this. But you'll then see and you'll go, ahh, that's what I do. So now I have that information. I know that I'm not going to get anywhere with that. And it's frustrating to me like, why can't I just fix it? And it comes to my business, I'll have this idea. And I'm like, but if I did this and that, but if I did this. So I never settle, and that's why I get so frustrated. So you understand that's how you think, it's great because it means I'm really open multidimensional. It's not so great I don't actually really ever make a decision. I'm always evolving and moving on.

And my husband says, you just fix on a decision. He'll go away thinking that this is happening and come back... Give me a break. I understand that now, so now I can work with that. And actually, I was listening to Bob Proctor recently, if you're a fan of the law of attraction then you have heard of him. And he's very much about it,  I'm not sure if it was highly inhalable tramacet, it's one of the two. And it's all about a decision.  Successful people make decisions in under a minute. And I'm never making a decision that correlates. So now, I'm really practicing the art of making a decision because it's not my forte. So you work with your numbers and you understand them. So the end of that is called, no surprising know yourself. So you get a really strong picture through the numbers, who you are, how you operate, why you think the way they do, and what impacts that had on you. And then those that are a bit like me and like, okay, so give me some more. And the next session is another 90 minutes. It's a 12-month forecast, and we go through your achievements, your challenges for the next 12 months, your life, your personal year number, the universal year number, and how you're going to flow. We want to flow through life. We don't want to be sticky. For me, that experience just gets you more engaged with your life and explains like, okay, do you know what, this a month seven, it's going to be a little slow. I'm going to be a bit like, just don't crowd me. And that's okay. So if I'm not feeling it, I'll hit it on some days. I'm getting technical, but I'll use the energy on those days to get the work done. But I'm just going to take it easy. And then if you're in a high-energy month, it's like, right, I know that that's the month I can really go for it. And if you get freaked out by that energy, then you've got a little neon sign that says, okay, there's a block here. That's an energy here. And that's where my healing comes in because then we can actually do some work separately. If you're like, okay, this is really good but actually, I'm struggling with this. Whereas you might've just bumbled through and I'd be going, hey Eleshia, how was your month been? Oh, shit. I've just felt so stuck, and I don't know why. And not know that it was that energy that was crashing and struggling with. 

Eleshia Harris: So that's really interesting because September is supposed to be my all-singing, all-dancing, all-hooray-ing, manifesting month. And I think after having a great month in August, Samantha, I have just been like, oh, I don't know if I want to lean into all this. I'm just going to stay on the surface and just meander around. So for me, I'm not taking advantage of everything that is basically here for me. And now that you've said that is so interesting because I knew that I was holding out. I just don't understand why. So yes, maybe we might need to discuss that a little further because yes. Wow. 

Samantha Sutherland: Well, I did. I can't remember what month it was. I think it was June, I was in month seven. And I just felt really disconnected like I wanted to come off social media. And I hadn't tracked what month it was. And then it was about two-thirds of the way through. And I was like, even a month seven. So all of a sudden, I was able to go, stop giving yourself a hard time. Because what this is about for me is about information. This is about, I got to stop whipping ourselves because we've not shown up. We've got to stop getting cross with ourselves because we didn't do, or we should have done this and this. It's not about that. It's like, this is the opportunity, this is the energy around you. Learn to work with it. Identify if they're stressed and just go, okay, fine. Because we work in a nine months cycle so it's coming around again, and there are opportunities every month. It's just that this month is a little bit va-va-voom. Then last month- pause. But you happened to have a great month last month so let's celebrate that and let's not get down on the fact, but learn, okay, there was something energetic here that I may need to just become aware of. It shouldn't be a tool that sends you, oh my God, I didn't make the most and do this, because nothing should be like that. Nothing ever should make us feel like that.

Eleshia Harris: Thank you for saying that because, for me, I was just like, okay, I'm just going to sit with this energy. I know that I'm a little bit low vibe at the moment, and that's okay. But then equally, I also know that where I am in my cycle, in my female cycle that has a little bit to play on how I'm feeling right now as well. So it just all comes together, it all just makes sense. 

Samantha Sutherland: Personally, I know you've had a massive shift with the way your family operates that causes stuff. That's going to be massive. And let's say what life path number are you?

Eleshia Harris: Two. 

Samantha Sutherland: Right. So a two is all about peace and balance or tranquility, but you're in year eight which is fast success, and this and that. And now a two is a great communicator, it's a diplomat, it's fantastic in a relationship so you've got amazing tools to really use that eight that plays very different energy. So you come in at a month eight and a year eight is going to be very different from a life path eight coming out a month eight and a year eight. And that's why it's about context. So yes, there's an opportunity, but ultimately, you're a life path two. And that energy just might've been like, can we just put the earplugs on a bit because it's too much? So what you would do is, now you've experienced the eight, the next time you'd have an eight you're like, okay, I know what's coming. What do I need to do to get my energy in this space so that I can cope with it a little bit more and really make use of it? So Numerology, for me, is when I work with anything, I'm like, just keep a little diary. How did this week go? How did this month go? And you get to feel, so I know on day three, I get really challenged. On day 5, I get quite challenged. Samantha is a five, so it's an energy I'm familiar with, but I'm a life path nine, destiny six. It's a little bit fast, furious, and wild, but it's also part of me. So some of it's in conflict and some of it it's inflow. But I can sense that, oh, that's a bit sticky for me. And I just recognize it, do the work and carry on. 

Eleshia Harris: Yes. As you said, that's what's good about all of these things. They're just tools. 

Samantha Sutherland: They're tools and guidance. 

Eleshia Harris: Yes, and fun. A little bit of fun. You're not diving into anything too deep, have fun with it. 

Samantha Sutherland: Yes, and I think this is like a compass for me. Say we're going into the year side of it, so I know I'm in a year one. So I know that, yes, I'm a nine. Yes, I'm a six. Yes, I've got all this one energy, but I am in year one. So this is about really letting the world know that I'm here. It's about letting that innovative creativity flow as like, you've got off now, go all this stuff. And it's about really Standing on my own sort of lion energy, my lioness energy being strong and competent. And that's really helped me when I've fallen off track to go, no, I'm leaving this year with this. I'm leaving this year knowing I have given it my all in a way that is right for me. I can honestly say if I didn't know that information about myself, out of quite a few times, I'd have just bumbled and allowed that bumble to continue rather than going, no, I'm not wasting this. It's like having a coupon that says you can go now for a free coffee every month and just be getting it exists. It's like, no, I want my coffee. I'm going to get my coffee. Remembering that coffee shop exists rather than, getting in the end and go, Oh crap! I missed 12 coffees there. 

Eleshia Harris: That sounds a little bit like me sometimes though. I'm not always taking advantage of the free stuff. And it's just because sometimes my brain is so busy that I forget. So this is what I've really loved about having the forecast. I'm now going to have a look at each month and then I've already looked at it for October, so I'm like, okay, I know where I need to be. I know where I'm at. But also, that's because of the way I am. And remember we were having a conversation when you did my numbers and you were like, but you work in project management. That doesn't come naturally to you, But it's the way my brain works. And I love to have something that I could look forward to, so I could have forward-thinking because that's what I'm used to. For me, it's all just fascinating. But like you said, it means that I can forward the plan. And that's where I like to be. I like to know what's coming. And that's why I think it would be really useful for a lot of other business owners who may need to do the same. May not know that they need to do the same. 

Samantha Sutherland: It takes really a moment. And I've just been beta testing a project that'll be launched. And I've worked with a few women who, and to be honest, it's mainly women. And we've literally looked at one goal over a three-month period. And I am not a business coach. This is your field, not mine. But we've looked at the universal months or personal months, and those that don't know, in terms of priority, your personal months, personal days, personal years are the most crucial. Then you've got universal, which is appropriate to everybody, and then you just got what you naturally feel is right for you. So we look at the universal months, personal months, your universal days, your personal days. We look at where the moons are at, it's an overlay as well. And then looking at your numbers, your lifestyle, your personal life path numbers, your destinies. Looking at some of the bigger, the fives, and the eight to get to certain things. We then just do a very rough plan of how you're going to get from A to B over those three-month period. Now, I do purely intuitively using the numbers, and then I can also overlay a social media program on that as well, like when to do what and what days based on your goal. And what it gives you is a structure.

Eleshia Harris: That sounds a little bit like business coaching though.

Samantha Sutherland: I'm not a business coach.

Eleshia Harris: I know, I know. But equally, it sounds like a good collaboration. 

Samantha Sutherland: I think it is. And I actually say to a lot of my clients look, understand your year, understand who you are, and then when you go to somebody like yourself to business coach, mentor, what have you and they're trying to get to do something like it, I get that goal, but this is who I am. So how can we do it aligned to me? It's not that what they're saying is wrong. You just want it more bespoke. 

Eleshia Harris: And again, this is the whole reason why. When we met, I was like, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Because for me, I am looking at it from a holistic approach. I am not looking at business growth strategy, as how I used to look at it in the corporate world because that's not how life works in the normal world especially if you are a mom, a partner and you're juggling over the things. Also, you need to be more flexible with your approach. So that's why everything that you just said, I was like, that aligns with everything that I'm about. I am me in the person first. I'm not trying to put them into a box of, this is how you should be doing it. No. You need to tell me how you're going to do it, and then we need to focus on how we get you there. 

Samantha Sutherland: Yes. And I think this makes it paramount because Numerology, for me, is enlightening, empowering, and reforming. So it's not those business coaches, mentors, life coaches. It's not that anybody's doing that wrong. What it is is about giving you the strength to go actually, I want that, but whenever I've approached it like that before, I come up against blocks. If I can approach it this way, somehow I know I'm more likely to do the work. Because how many of us have got PTs, coaches, mentors, what have you? And we sat there going, I don't want to do it like this, but we don't know why. Why is it not speaking your language? It's not your energy. Not that the information is wrong, you need to put yourself in a different way. And so, to me, it's about empowering you to go look, I know myself. Telling me to go, go, go, go, go is not going to work. So can we just agree on a language that is going to inspire rather than get my hackles up or have me shrinking in complete fear? Because you want those results regardless of your numbers. But it's just, again, it's helping, it's a tool. If you're paying for a professional to help you. Give them the charts. 

Eleshia Harris: And also, they need to give you a chance as well. Before I work with clients, Samantha, I get them to do tendency tests. Have you heard of Gretchen Rubin? She does The Four Tendencies. And so, as you said, I need to know your language. I need to know that some of the things and the elements that we're going to be working towards that the way we speak and the way we approach them are working for you. So if I'm asking you to do something like you've just said, and I'm coming up against resistance, I can be like, oh, okay. I know that this is going to happen because of this. 

Samantha Sutherland: And it's about finding the right coach. And then, some energy might need somebody who's going to tell you what to do very strategically, very numbers-driven and you're like, give me more, give me more, give me more because it's you. If you're more of a touchy-feely, you recognize you need the firm hand to get you where you want to dig. You're not doing it by yourself, that's why you've got somebody to help you. But that you're just like, yes, I need. You're more my person. So again, it's about empowering you to interview a few people, and we're all looking for ways to succeed and be the right ones. So let's give ourselves a chance because there are hundreds of PT, instructors, coaches, whatever it is we're looking for. And it's about going like, I understand that this year, this is where my inner energy is. But I still want to reach these goals. This is how the month flows. How can we overlay that on all of your fabulous knowledge? But align it to me, compliment you. You win because I'm like the best coach in the world. I win because I'm the best business.

Eleshia Harris: Exactly, and we both won. 

Samantha Sutherland: We both won. And we've won in a way that hopefully, has the least resistance about it. If we're investing our money, we need that money to work for us. And there's more than one way to cut a cake. So whatever the saying is, that numerology is just information for you to use, to help you understand why you're resistant, why you're flowing, and why that person's not vibing with you, why that person is like, oh my God, they're the best thing ever? And that's it really. 

Eleshia Harris: It's fascinating to me. It makes a lot of sense to me. And when we had our first session, I was like, what else do you do, Samantha? What else can I have? I'm interested because it's just, as I said, it aligns with everything that I do, everything that I stand for. And it just gave me confirmation as to why I do things. And yes, it was all of those things. So another question for you, how have you used it to benefit your business? 

Samantha Sutherland: To my business? If I'm really honest, my business launched in 2014. But having nearly walked 2018, and I would say, my business is less than two years old. I feel like this is where I'm meant to be. Numerology helps my business because it's allowed me to be me. It's given me a language that I can use, that I am absolutely wedded to. And it's allowed me to speak to people in a way and go, actually, do you know what, if you don't get it, that's absolutely fine. I'm not saying I never have struggles, but imposter syndrome compared to all that stuff, it feels like its majority is gone. I have more wobble, but I'm me. I'm a 9, 6, 1. I'm initiating, and this is what I've got to do. So I remember really clearly in January, so I'm on year one. I was in a month two. So two can be a bit of sticky energy, and it was really quiet. And normally in January, like January is a big purge, January is a big month for sales. And I was just like, I was not feeling it at all. It was a combination of COVID, the Christmas Plaza that was. And I was just like, it's okay because I know this is the plan for this year. It's okay, so it has really been that elastic band that has helped me. And I think, as I said earlier, fortunately for me, I've entered this language, this role, this energy at a time where people see more like, give it. I need, I want some... This clearly isn't working. The world's in its box. The old paradigm isn't working, I want more. And then the more I looked at myself, the more work I've done, the clearer I'm getting on what inspires me. So I'm predominantly somebody who wants to lead and once that independence, and I want that success. But I know that I'm driven by service and driven by the look on your face going, thank you. Now, I understand me. So I don't need to hate myself. No, you don't. I'm driven by that delivery and I recognize that. So when I go to do things, now, I make decisions going, hang on. How does this fit? The year I'm in, my life path, my destiny, and my sole. I choose those picks because it's what I feel like my core. And I'm able to go more clearly now. So working with those three brains. Well, this is amazing. It's off track. 

But I'm just coming at it from an energetic alignment perspective. My goals have become clearer because some people are going to be goal-driven by an end number or something. I'm much more driven by feeling. But I saw that I'll be led by feeling, but I need to get that feeling in a picture as well, so I need to be clear where I'm going. So understanding how I think, how I approach projects, how I finish projects is just a negative feeling. I'm like a pinball machine. I might be doing this. My numbers just keep going back, back, back, back, and back. And that's how it is. I'm not ready to, I don't wake up going, oh my God, it's day four. I've got to really do this. I don't believe it should be that rigid. It is a scope of boundary, or whatever you want to call, that just helps me and my business stay on track. So I consider myself quite a fledgling business, but I definitely just feel more competent in who I am or what I'm offering to the world. And you know what, that's not for everybody, and that's okay too because it will be for the right people. 

Eleshia Harris: But I want some for you to touch upon something that I just need to reconfirm because I've literally just recorded a podcast about it. And it does start with you, it really does start with you. So if you're feeling more confident in your purpose, in the role that you want to do, in your service, then from that, your business will start to flourish as well. Some people need to recognize that they need to do some work on themselves if they're searching. 

Samantha Sutherland: Yes. And it's interesting, in my journeys, through my training, I did a load of energy work. And then in 2018, I did 10 months of... so I'm just for context, I'm a kinesiologist, I'm an EFT practitioner-trainer, and then matrix beam printing. So mostly, that's what's happening, and clearly, I can do all that stuff. And then I came across numerology. So you think how do I do, let's do the energy, and then let's do numerology. But actually, what numerology does by understanding that first, you can then target the energy and understanding context where those blocks occur. But it has to start with either one of the consistent messages I get with my clients and with my network. And this is with people who purchase or don't purchase it, your energy's amazing. But this isn't and I don't have to down a red bull or a coffee before doing podcasts or meetings. This is who I am. I love what I do. And I know I love what I do because I can feel it. I know it's aligned. I know I'm honoring to the best of my ability, all the aspects of me in my business. But Samantha, you hear here. If we go for coffee as a snack then you will meet. There is no, sometimes there's a little bit of airs and graces. For the most part, this month that you meet businesses is the month that you make... that's not always the right place because of different businesses. And probably don't be a tax consultant and act like you would've done the perk that might not go down well with the clients. But sorry, tax consultants.

But yes, in the world that I'm in, that authenticity, that self-alignment, and I don't have it perfectly. I have my moments. I told you, Eleshia, I have my computer. Everything goes wrong, my computer died, everything died. What will I do? And it's like, well, you've been saying you wanted a desk for the last 18 months. So here we are, take your opportunity, get it, come back on track. The ping pong balls are coming in. We'll deal with it. 

Eleshia Harris: But you're human. 

Samantha Sutherland: Yes. 

Eleshia Harris: And this is it. You're human, but just like what you said, the Eleshia you see now is the Eleshia you're going to get. And I don't need coffee and I don't need a red bull. This is who I am. I'm energetic. I stay excited a lot because that's what I am. And it's not for everybody, and that's okay. But it's who I am. And for me, you touched upon something, and because my brain is already going in excitement to something else, I completely forgot what I was going to say. So I think what I was going to say is, the fact that you're so happy within the role that you're doing now is amazing. And you found that. Now, I know for me, I had to go through a lot of careers and a lot of self-development to really understand that I want it to marry the wellbeing and the project management and do some mashup so I could still serve all of the clients that I wanted to serve, but in my way. And I love that. 

Samantha Sutherland: But this has to come from, my last frontier of development, we've obviously all got levels but my last frontier of being dependent like a lot of women, it's a physical body. Got a spirit to go, the business stuff, the energy stuff, the physical body I need to align to. So I am by no means to enhance on a poster perfection by any means, but it's self-love and self-acceptance. One of my clients, which just says, oh, so confidentiality, but she was just like, so I don't need to worry about fitting like that. I'm not a bad person. No, you just need to honor that and accept that this is part of you and you need to work into your daily life. She has a very strong freedom streak with a very big serving energy. So there was this, I want to run away every now and again. So do it. Go to the park. Figure it out. Do you need that once a day? Do you need it once a week, once a month? Work into it. This is information to go. If I honor myself, I can turn up authentically and in alignment, and I can start to identify all the things that are odd. Why? Because you're unfair. Why? Because you don't think you can. Why? Because it just doesn't inspire you. So no matter which way you're working in life, when you know your senses and you know what is right for you, you can start to see those flags, hear those messages, see those signs, get them. This is what's going on here. But like you were saying about your life, like, Hmm, this is interesting. Why is this not flowing the way I thought? Why is this conversation not where I thought it was going? What happened here? And that's the empowerment again, it's about knowing who you are, knowing where you need to develop because you are all on a developmental scale, and shifting your energy, being clear on your goals, and just going, and this is me. So me and my husband, we have the same life path number, we approach life very differently. But we're both nine so actually, it's a really compatible marriage, but we tend to want to please each other like tolerating and sacrificing. We've learned that when Brian said, my husband's like, oh, I really want to do this to you. And I'm like, do what you want to do. He's like, no, but I want to make you happy. Well, that doesn't work. 

Eleshia Harris: Yes. Yes. 

Samantha Sutherland: And we've been married 20 years in November, so we plan a lot of time together. And we'll look through the numbers, I kid you not we've learned, oh, this is why we ended up with this situation. But he's got a very soft peaceful energy, I've got very masculine energy. There's one going through me as well. So there are times where he's quite a structured-thinker as well. We do speak different languages. We have different energies. But through our numbers, we've been able to understand each other better. Our son is a life path eight with a destiny three. So he's all about success and money and business and going for it. But he's also this creative expression that's like where his gold thing will be. I couldn't be further from me, mine, and Brian's numbers at all. But what that means is we've been able to meet him in that language. When he's struggling at 17 to go look because this is this. So think about this rather than, well, we know what's best because we're parents, and you're obviously like us because you have a child. Actually, energetically, no, he isn't. He's our child and he's born from us. Energetically, he's very different to us and we've been able to meet him in that space, rather than meeting in our space and telling him, so it's been revolutionary. 

Eleshia Harris: Yes. But again, I love that we're having this conversation and I love the fact that we've touched all the points. We've touched business and we've touched ourselves, and our families as well because like I said previously, it has to all work holistically together. So I love that the conversation has gone all over, all of those... 

Samantha Sutherland: Actually, you can't go clean or hard-ass at work and being this big businesswoman and going home, and making miles and being deferential and denying your strength or vice versa. If you're stronger at home and then go to work and you're meek and mild and not confident, that's draining. You just need to be one person, and that is you. And when you know who that is through whatever tool, obviously, numerology is the best. And whatever tool then it gives you the competence to go, this isn't working. And this is me, accept me. I'm sure with a lot of these things, it will mean that they'll be so relaxed... Now, I know why this isn't working. I'm not flying this anymore. 

Eleshia Harris: Yes, I'm out. 

Samantha Sutherland: I'm out, I'm done. I get asked, is there any such thing as a bad relationship or a bad combination? My answer is no, but there are certain combinations where it's going to be harder than it needs to be. And it's just whether you're willing to bend and compromise and make that work, whether it's strong enough for you to do that. So there is no such thing as a bad number, it's just how you relate to it and how you use it. 

Eleshia Harris: And again, I love what you've just said because this is a positive tool, it's supposed to be positive. It's not there to tell you, this is how you should be, you should be living your life, and you should be doing this, this, and this. It's a nice addition to everything else. 

Samantha Sutherland: We are human. We are human. And regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs that we have within us, uniquely free will. So we can do whatever we want. However, I will maintain that if you find yourself feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied, or frustrated, you're out of alignment with your numbers.   That's what I would say. You go do what you want, but there'll be a point that it's not where you should be, and you'll start to feel it. And hopefully, you recognize that sooner rather than later. I'm 46, there's really here 45. I don't want to spend the next, literally, 50% of my life not in alignment, not living the life I want to live. Do I have to put some work in? Yes. Do I have to expand my own energy? Yes. Is it going to be hard work at times? No, it means I'm going to have to work hard, but that doesn't have to be hard work. Again, it's different. I might have to pull some late nights because I'm about to launch something because I'm not the most organized of people. But that doesn't mean, you know when I'm doing that I still want to be buzzing like, I'm so excited about this. This is so on point. This is so me. I believe that there's someone a hundred percent behind this. So yes, I'm working hard, but that work isn't draining me. Life is so small in comparison to philosophical, to compare to the universe. All our time here is so tiny, so let's make the most of that. Let's live up to the old praise. Let's live our best lives. Our best life, whatever that is. I hate that phrase but it sums it up. 

Eleshia Harris: I know, but it sums it up. I always think of all of the songs with it in. But yes, it does sum it up really nicely. As a great segue as well, can you tell the listeners what you've got on offer right now?

Samantha Sutherland: Oh, no. So if you get to my website, so www.samanthasutherland.online, and you can access my standard reading, and know yourself and know your potential there. I also have a member vault account where you can download some freebies and you can link through that on my website, it's called the abundance vaults. I've got some freebies and I do some 9-day tapping programs as well, which should be loading. So there's going to be a lot happening on there over the next three months as we leave this year. And there are lots coming up. So in December, we'll be doing checks of abundance, which is a bit of a free day. In my Facebook group, is that the best way to stay in contact with me. So that's she's abundance, but we did this before, and literally, for 14 days, I would give you a check, a classic law of attraction stuff right now, and just it doubled. So you have to spend this money, and we shared in the group what we're spending this money on. And it was really interesting how it was triggering people. It was opening people up, and they're like, oh my God, I've never ever thought I wanted that. I do want that. That's just a really fun thing. So we've got that in December, coming up, being run again. But outside of the group, not just in the group, on January 2nd, wherever the Sunday is I'm going to be doing your intentional year, a 10 till 3 program. It's on a Sunday, which is a bit odd.

That is all about really looking at the year that was the year that will be. The best thing to do is go to the website, join the Facebook group, or just get in contact with me. I will chat with anybody. Numerology out there, if you want to know about it, come and have a chat. 

Eleshia Harris: Thank you so much for coming to have a chat. Samantha, it's been such a pleasure as always. And I cannot wait to just be part of whatever it is that you have on offer because everything that you just said sounds amazing. I love the checks. I love the law of attraction check. I did that and yes, it came true. Where you put your mind, and all of that... 

Samantha Sutherland: It's just with money, whether we like it or not, it's one of the biggest issues. So if you have an issue with money, it will come up in our business, it will come up in our personal life, it'll come up in our spiritual life, it will come up everywhere. I say, yes, the cheques of abundance are a really interesting thing. And I had read just the nine days of money, numerology tapping. So using the energy to really open up on that, to explore money energy, and that's for some people that's been massive because it's the first time they've actually put some consciousness dedicated both in terms of standing. So money work, goal work in numerology, they are one's passions. 

Eleshia Harris: Yes. Yes. And I love those passions because they align with mine.

Samantha Sutherland: They're aligned with most people, really.

Eleshia Harris: Indeed. Well, again, thank you so much. 

Samantha Sutherland: Thank you for having me. 

Eleshia Harris: No problem. Take care. Bye. 

How interesting was that episode? If you are anything like me, and you want to know a little bit more about your numbers, I have linked in Samantha's offer for you. Yes, go ahead and let us know how you've enjoyed this episode. And if there's anybody else that you feel would enjoy it too, then share it. I'll see you next week. Take care. 

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