Episode 4 - How I Enhanced My Chances of Fertility

May 05, 2021
Episode 4 - How I Enhanced My Chances of Fertility


         “I needed to make sure that I took care of myself first before anybody else.” 

                                                      - Eleshia Harris

Self-care and self-love contribute to the formation of our true selves, so when we begin to listen and take care of ourselves, things begin to fall into place for us.

In this episode, I’ll be opening up about the journey that’s very close to my heart - a difficult yet fruitful journey of how I was able to conceive my baby girl despite the complications and struggles I encountered. I’ll be sharing the lessons and realizations I learned, the effects of stress on our body, the mindset I built to overcome my problems, as well as the fishbowl analogy.

I feel compelled to share my journey in case someone else is going through a similar journey and is unsure where to begin. May this episode empower and encourage you to keep moving forward and to invest in yourself for yourself. You can also check out my first episode here

Happy listening!

Eleshia’s Essentials:

  • I  knew that my fertility was challenged but I didn't realize that a lot of the foods that I was putting in were causing me more issues.  I had to change things straight away.
  • Resistance training is good for people who have fertility issues because it helps regulate hormone productions and improves your muscle tone, exercise also helps your mental health.
  • The fishbowl analogy, from a human perspective, is like when we want something to happen but we're continuing to put toxins in our bodies and we’re expecting results, it won’t work.
  • I did a five-day eliminate the sugar challenge, from that challenge I've put together an ebook that gives you 10 simple ways of how to reduce your sugar intake click here to get access.

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About the Show:

The Eleshia Show is a podcast to help female business owners feel empowered to put their well-being first whilst building their businesses. We’ll be bringing you conversations with guests and sometimes just solo episodes. We’ll be discussing strategies, sharing stories, experiences, expertise,  insights, and everything in between to enhance your well-being and build your business while still trying to navigate real life. The host Eleshia Harris will share her decades of project management and wellness coaching experience to help you to start saying yes without procrastinating.



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