Episode 48 - Reclaim Your Power | Vean Ima

Mar 23, 2022
Reclaim Your Power - Vean Ima


“It’s not selfish to put yourself first

To protect your energy and mental health preserve” 

Vean Ima- poet

As women, we have often been told what we cannot do by the outside world. 

We cannot chase our dreams because we’re female or because we’re women of colour. We need to find a husband, have kids and then be content breastfeeding and changing nappies. 

We must accept a lack of autonomy and freedom and prioritise the needs of our children and families, ending up with very little time to spend on ourselves. 

We absolutely can’t stand up, share our stories, and empower ourselves to live our best ever lives. 

But as you’ll discover when you listen to this week’s episode of the podcast with writer, poet, singer and mother of 6, Vean Ima, this is absolutely BS. 

We are strong, powerful and beautiful both inside and out and are capable of so much more if we only allow ourselves to embrace it. 

As Vean says, all of us are born with a gift. Find it and choose to pursue it and you will change your life. 

Listen to this eye-opening episode of the podcast to learn the impact that endometriosis had on Vean’s life, how she proved the doctors wrong by having six healthy children, why we need to focus on what we love too and why she’s sharing our stories to spark meaningful change in the world. 

This is the first time I’ve ever done a face-to-face podcast interview- I’m sure you’re going to love it. 

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • “From the beginning of my cycle side, I had really terrible period pain. I'd have to cancel plans. I remember not even turning up for one of my GCSE exams because I was just in so much pain. I would go to the doctors and I would just get prescribed painkillers…I wouldn't leave the house without painkillers. My whole life revolved around living up until my cycle came.”- Vean
  • “Being a mother, a parent is an amazing thing. But we literally give birth. We raise our children and then rightfully some are going to move on with their own life. We will not always have this 100% like responsibility over everything that they do. So once that happens, like where does that leave us as parents? - Vean
  • “I feel like the women that went before me when I didn't have as much- they went through a lot so that I could be here. I have a voice. I'll be damned if I'm just going to sit there wishing.” - Vean
  • I just like to use words to just empower and to educate and teach people that are not part of my community what it's like from our perspective and some of the personal stories, I call myself a storyteller. But I've learned from my mom, the Windrush generation and then all the way through to some of the things my children would go through and everything in between.” -Vean

More about Vean:

Vean Ima is a poet, writer, wife, and mother of six from London. Her work centres around themes of womanhood, motherhood, identity and healing, inspired by her own journey to self-love and self-acceptance. Vean writes to inspire all women to walk in their truth, being all they were called to be; recognising their inner strengths to enable healing from past hurts. Vean shares her powerful words daily to her many readers across social media, connecting thousands with her ability to capture the feelings of women in a few short lines.

At the request of her readers who wanted her words in their homes to inspire them daily Vean began to design prints to showcase her words, prints featuring the moon, sun and nature have become her signature style and have been purchased and loved all over the world. 

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