Episode 60 - Opening Up About Our Infertility and IVF Journey with Sherry & Penny Samuels

Jun 08, 2022


Did you wait before you tried to have a family? Perhaps you wanted to focus on your career, become more financially stable or achieve some of your life goals before settling down. 

You believed what we all believe. That if you simply decide to have kids, the magic will happen. You’ll get pregnant, start painting the nursery and celebrate your new arrival a few months later.

But what they often don’t tell us is that fertility can be a complex thing. It often doesn’t happen so quickly or easily and we can find ourselves thrust into a world of doctors and nurses, hospitals and invasive treatment. 

That’s only mentioning the physical impact. Because it can be an emotional time that challenges our relationships with our partners and ourselves. 

I know exactly how it feels because I’ve been there. I’ve battled infertility, suffered a miscarriage and struggled with the doubt, insecurity and soul-crushing feeling of blame. 

So have this week’s podcast guests, life coach Sherry Samuels and her wife, Penny. 

They too have battled infertility, experienced the internal struggle and understand how to build our connections with ourselves and others to get through this difficult time. 

Sherry is the founder/owner and Certified Life Coach of Chrysalid Transformations, LLC,  public speaker and educator, she teaches women how to get in touch with their authentic voice using compassion, curiosity, risk and trust and create a life that feels amazing. 

Sit down, grab a cuppa and enjoy this raw and eye-opening conversation. 

Listen to this episode to discover: 

  • What happened when the doctors told me I couldn’t conceive naturally
  • How our fertility struggles affect our partners too (and what to do about it!)
  • Why we need to open up and share how we’re feeling during our fertility journey
  • How experiencing failure after failure affects your connection with yourself 
  • The reason why trying to feel what the other feels sometimes keeps us from just really being in tune with what's going on inside

And much more!

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • You are allowed to feel everything.”- Eleshia
  • “When we have those kinds of conversations we discover our connection, our healing and our growth. We could keep this between the two of us, within our four walls. But how does that serve the greater good?” - Sherry 
  • “I knew that I needed to have that time. Not just for my body to heal, but for me to heal and to recognize that it wasn't my fault. It just wasn't supposed to be at this precise moment.” - Eleshia
  • “I was just trying to be strong for her and not show how much it was hurting me. Because it was her body going through it all. I wanted to be respectful and not break down on my own because, who am I to break down where she's the one who has to go to the doctor every day, every week to deal with the nurses and doctors doing this and doing that to your body.” -Penny

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About Sherry:

Sherry Samuels is the Founder/ Owner & Certified Life Coach of Chrysalid Transformations, LLC. She is a life coach and teaches women how to get in touch with their authentic voice using Compassion, Curiosity, Risk and Trust. And from that awareness, create a life that feels AMAZING!

As a certified life coach, public speaker, educator and writer, she teaches people through individual coaching and group events how to connect to their Inner Voice in a way that allows them to turn challenges once seen as barriers to their success, into opportunities that inspire living a life that is rich in authenticity and purpose. Transparency, compassion, self-care, and goal-setting are all consistent themes in this transformative work to help her clients move to a place of fulfilling and sustainable connection to self.

In addition to individual coaching and workshops, her blog and vlog feature messages that encourage readers and listeners to embrace their personal growth journey, one step at a time.

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