Episode 83 - How to Make 2023 Your Happiest + Most Successful Year in Life and Business

Dec 14, 2022
How to Make 2023 Your Happiest + Most Successful Year in Life and Business


If I asked you what your perfect year would look like, what would you say?

Would you tell me that you dream of turning your side hustle into a highly profitable full-time income? Or launching that ambitious and exciting dream project that you still haven’t found the time to implement yet? 

Perhaps you’re sick of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and pulled in a million different directions and want to start prioritising self-care, spend more time with those you love and focus on feeling fulfilled, not sick of the drudgery of everyday life. 

If so, you’re going to love this episode of the podcast! 

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to outline your non-negotiables, live according to your values, and follow your dreams so that you can make 2023 your best ever year. 

Yes- it’s time to focus on what truly matters, find time to pause and relax and make space in our lives for what makes us shine instead of trying to be superwoman all the time. 

THIS is how we can be the happiest parents, partners, friends, and entrepreneurs and enjoy a healthy, rich and meaningful life. I’ve shared so many personal experiences and tips in this episode that I know you’re going to love it. 😍

Listen to this episode to discover: 

  • Why it’s vital to have plenty of white space in your calendar if you want to escape the drudgery and enjoy your life to the max (I’m 110% doing this in 2023) 🤩
  • How YOU can beat that common sense overwhelm and procrastination as a female entrepreneur and make your big goal happen (even if you don’t have the brain space right now). 
  • Aligning your schedule with your female cycle so you can use your natural flow to get stuff done without having to compromise when it comes to self-care 🌸
  • Why breaking out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself and harnessing the power of collaboration and networking could be a game-changer for you
  • How to make planning and goal-setting for 2023 easy, fun and uplifting ♥

And much more! Listen below 👇

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • “Start dreaming about the things that you want to do from a personal and a business standpoint. What do you wanna achieve? Dream it all out, What do you want a day in the next year to look like for you?”
  • “If you’re not enjoying the role that you are playing at least 25% of the time, then you are going to want to leave that situation in less than a year. Don't waste that. Start thinking about the things that really make you happy and that you are really good at then start integrating those things into your day.”
  • “You might have a huge goal. But you don’t have the time or the capacity to break it down into small steps. That’s where the overwhelm and procrastination starts and you don’t end up doing what you’ve set out to do. I’m going to make sure you execute that and deliver.”
  • “Even if you’re not big on celebrating Christmas, just enjoy this time to relax, reflect and spend time with your family. Watch Netflix for hours on end if that’s what makes you happy. Or take those amazing walks in the countryside. Or visit your favourite friend and go drink champagne.”

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