Episode 88 - Choosing Abundance For Your Life & Business with Money Habits Coach TJ Wey

Jan 18, 2023
Choosing Abundance For Your Life & Business with Money Habits Coach TJ Wey


When you were a kid, were you ever told that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’? 

Or that ‘money is the root of all evil’? Or even that rich people are all ruthless, nasty and only care about their money? 

These are just some of the beliefs that many of us have when it comes to money. (Yes, even those of us who are focused on growing our businesses and generating the level of financial success that we crave and deserve!

But as this week’s podcast guest, money habits coach TJ Wey shares, if we want to enjoy our most happy and abundant lives, make our dreams come true and feel true financial freedom, we need to switch our mindsets and choose a different path. 

We CAN create a healthy business that provides a real income so we can retire early pursue our dreams, spend more time with our kids or even treat ourselves to whatever our hearts desire. 

We just need to switch our mindsets and choose abundance over scarcity. 

If you’re struggling with the effects of the current economic situation, feeling anxious about the future or just want to get more financially savvy, you’re going to love this one. I certainly did! 

Listen to this episode to discover: 

  • Why so many female entrepreneurs struggle with cashflow, even if they’re running a six-figure business
  • What influences our money mindsets and how we can free ourselves for greater abundance
  • The eye-opening FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement and how you can adopt the same strategies even if you plan to keep working
  • How our financial pressures can affect our business strategy (and affect how we connect with our audience!)
  • Tackling cash flow issues and how it can be the perfect opportunity to finely tune our business strategies

And much more! Listen below 👇

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • “You're here for a reason and you gotta be able to sell it. Because you have a huge vision that you're building towards and it may take you years to get there. If you're going to give up halfway, if you don't celebrate the little wins that you have now, you’ll never become successful.” - TJ
  • “I was taught that money doesn't grow on trees. So I've had to relearn that, money is abundance and can help you to grow.” - Eleshia
  • That's what brings in the scarcity mindset. You start shrinking, you get super desperate. And this is where I say that bro marketing types of behaviour come into play where you're super pushy and you recognize that if you were on the receiving end of your marketing behaviour, you would not be happy.”- TJ
  • “We've just come out of a pandemic and could be heading towards a global recession. This is the whole reason why these are great conversations to be had right now, especially if, your business has suffered. This is the time to look at your foundations again and think about what you may not have done correctly and what you can do now.”- Eleshia

About TJ Wey:

TJ left behind a corporate project management job in order to deliver more impactful and meaningful work as a business money coach. While zir content focuses on Profit First, the conversations that spawn off from there have everything to do with personal and business finances, money mindset, empowerment, and the first-generation experience.

TJ is on track to retire by age 40 and wants everyone to know that it's just a matter of educating yourself if you're ready to attain financial independence.

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