Episode 41 - How to Reduce Your Toxic Load and Prime Your Body and Mind for Success

Jan 26, 2022
How to Reduce Your Toxic Load and Prime Your Body and Mind for Success


If you’re anything like me, you really care about what you’re putting into your body. 

You choose the most nourishing food (organic, if your budget allows). You select the highest quality nutritional supplements. You avoid smoking, keep your alcohol intake under control and even ensure you’re getting plenty of natural sunlight to boost your vitamin D levels. 

You believe that you are taking care of your health, exactly as you should. 

But there’s a secret threat lurking right there, all around you. TOXINS. 

They’re in the cleaning products you innocently use around your home, in the cosmetics you slather all over your body and even in the water you drink. 

Even though you might not realise they exist, they have a huge impact on your overall health. Over time, these toxins overwhelm your natural detoxification pathways, accumulate in every cell of your body and could trigger symptoms such as brain fog, nervous system damage and even disease. 

But you do have control. 

You can reduce your toxic load without needing to make huge compromises or break your budget. 

In this episode of the podcast, I’m going to explain exactly how you can reduce your toxic load, completely stress-free. We’ll discuss everything you need to know to optimise your health so you can push forward with your business with all guns blazing.

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • I've seen how my body is affected when I don't look after it.   And I've also seen how my body is affected and what it can do when I do take care of it. 
  • Yes, we do need strategic plans to move our businesses and our lifestyles forward, but we also need to make sure that we are looking after ourselves.
  • Even if it's 10 minutes a day, move your body. Try and move so that you can move the toxins out of your body
  • Simple things like ensuring that you're getting enough sleep and you are spending time with your loved ones and on your own is also key.

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Show Transcript:

Eleshia Harris: It was really good for me to educate myself. But also, I'm hoping that this helps you to just think and think, oh, maybe there is a connection. Maybe there is something that I've been using that is really setting off something else that we can eliminate from your day-to-day and hopefully help you along your journey as well.

Hey, I'm Eleshia Harris, and I am the host of The Eleshia Show where each week, we'll be having conversations about how to enhance your wellbeing. We'll be sharing strategies stories and insights to build your business while still navigating life because sometimes we try to separate the two. And let's face it. If you are not well, you have no business. I am a holistic business growth strategist and a wellness coach who spent over 15 years in corporate before deciding to choose me first to build my brand, Eleshia Lifestyle. I'm here to teach you how to redefine what success means to you, ditch the stress and confusion, and learn how to run your business from a place of ease and excitement. Let's get into this week's episode.

Hi, and welcome back to The Eleshia Show. I am so, so happy to see that we have now been listened to in over  44 countries and 484 cities. It makes me so happy to know that each week, you were listening out there. And I am able to share with you information that has really helped me on my journey but also bring you guests that are so knowledgeable about their expertise. And they are just here to share unapologetically with you all. So thank you so much for continuing to support me. And if there are any topics that you want me to discuss over the next year, let me know. Send me a message. I would love to hear from you. Today, I am shouting out to Portugal. I am so excited that I have listeners in Portugal and everywhere else. You know I am. So once again, thank you so much for continuing to listen. I am truly, truly grateful. 

In today's episode, I wanted to discuss some of the things that myself and my family are doing to ensure that we try and stay as healthy and as safe as we can. Especially in this time when it is flu season and we have different viruses around the world. And so, it's really, really important for me and the family to try and reduce some of the things in the house that may be contributing to our toxic load. And so, we are really looking at our cleaning products, the things that we're using on our skins and putting them into our mouths because at the moment, it's really extremely important to me because I've seen the benefits. I've seen how my body is affected when I don't look after it. And I've also seen how my body is affected and what it can do when I do take care of it. So this episode is just about sharing with you some of the things that we implement. So I'm hoping that the information will serve you and just, maybe there are things that you're like, yes, Eleshia, that's such a small tweak that I can do to make sure that I am really paying attention to my lifestyle and my wellbeing. So you know that's what I'm all about. So it's always going to come up in some way or the other in the podcast. 

So I really started to pay attention to what I was putting in my mouth and onto my skin over the last couple of years. I was still in Corporate, and it was far too easy for me to run down to the canteen or downstairs to the shopping center. They made it so easy and convenient for us to have a choice of everything that you could dream of. Food and beverages and snacks, and then let's not forget to talk about the early morning meetings and the lunch meetings and the socializing after work. And then basically, doing that on rinse and repeat. Sometimes I just needed a whole weekend just to recover from the food that I had eaten over the week. And then I was also having my clothes dry cleaned and washing other clothes in really strong scented detergents and cleaning with strong-smelling products. And then add in another couple of hundred toxins onto my body such as hair products and makeup and lotions and perfumes, and so on.

And so when I started to feel really lethargic and the brain fog started to set in, and I didn't want to move sometimes at the weekend like I just mentioned. And the weight was, I'd like to say it was slow, but sometimes it was not slow. And the weight started to pile on. I knew that I had taken stock. And this even before I had some other challenges in my life. I really started to investigate the food and the products that I was using and just checked out what it was actually doing to my hormones and my nervous system, and so forth.

 So I decided to look at my food first. And then I started to look at my products. And then when my mom got terribly ill and she was diagnosed with rare cancer called Multiple Myeloma, then I went into a hundred percent detective mode to help her on her cancer journey. But also, to ensure that I was protecting myself as well. So as I said before, this episode is just a reminder of things that we can do. Yes, we do need strategic plans to move our businesses and our lifestyles forward. But we also need to make sure that we are looking after ourselves. You know how important your wellbeing and your mindset and your physical and your emotional health are to me. So that's always going to come up. And so, yes, let's talk about it.

So let's really think about the things that we can control in our households to help us really boost our immune system. I've said it before, and I'm going to say it over and over again. Get yourself a diffuser. They don't have to be expensive. We have about four in our house. And trust me, they are totally worth it. They save you money in the long run. And I just love the fact that I can put a couple of drops of essential oils into my diffuser. And I know that they're boosting my immune system and my family's immune system also. So make sure that you buy oils from a reputable essential oil supplier. You know I love doTERRA. It's because I've been using them for so long that I trust them. I've used them for grief. I use them as part of my fertility plan. I use them to balance out my hormones when I was stressed and whilst I was pregnant, I was able to use them from my second trimester. And the reason why I didn't use them in my first trimester was just because, like most women in my first trimester, I couldn't take any types of smells. Any kind of strong smell I was like, no, thank you. Leave me alone. I'm not interested.

To the day, I kid you not, after my first 12 weeks, I was able to start using my essential oils again. And I was so, so happy. I used them in my labor. And then I used them on Elessandra just straight away because as I said, I trust them so much. So get yourself a diffuser. You only need a couple of drops. I use the protection and the rest of the respiratory blend that they have every single day. Our diffusers are on as soon as we wake up in the morning throughout the day if we're at home. And then at nighttime as well to help boost our immune systems. And it works so well to know that they smell absolutely amazing, but they're also doing a second job. Yes, I still like candles once in a while. It's harder to do now that I have my daughter in the house and she's still very little. But I know with my diffuser, we can still create that lovely ambiance in the house and help with our mood and our immune system. And do it in a safe way where I'm not actually having to worry about the lighting of a candle, the fire of a candle, and the artificial toxins that are also then being bought into my house by some of the synthetic candles that you have on the market.

Move your body. Move your body. Move your body. I say it all the time, but you have to move. Even if you're not feeling it, you have to get some form of exercise. Even if it's 10 minutes a day, move your body. Try and move so that you can move the toxins out of your body. Try and get fresh air as much as you can. Open those windows in the house to ensure that you're getting some fresh air in. I know it's cold. But you don't have to keep windows open for long. But just make sure that you're circulating some fresh air into your house as much as you can as well. Remember, the more you get out, if possible, the natural vitamin D you're getting, you're also moving. And that is so, so, so important for our minds, our physical state, our emotions, and so forth. So try and move as much as you can. 

Sometimes I noticed it's really hard, but remember the biggest cell that you have is your skin so hydrated. Make sure that you are drinking as much as you can. Especially in this season, you need to be flushing out any toxins throughout your body. So make sure that you're hydrating. Remember, if you're not a lover of just plain water, you can jazz it up. Jazz it up with peppermint or lemon or cucumbers, or get really creative with your water drinking. But try and make sure that you're drinking as much as you can to continue to flush your body out. 

And then also make sure that you're nourishing your skin. Use products that not only nurture your skin but it also protects it. We tend to only use fractionated coconut oil or shea butter on our skins. And then I will add a scent with essential oil. I have allergies. And one of the things that I was really worried about when I was pregnant was that I would pass these allergies onto my daughter. However, as I ate as clean as I could, supplemented myself, and used less toxins, I was able to stop her from having any major irritations on her body. So again, I use coconut oil and shea butter on herself. I've never used anything else. I had eczema as a child. But fortunately, hasn't affected her. So that's why I'm really sharing. Think about what you're putting on your skin. it is so, so, so important. 

In the mornings, I like to drink apple cider vinegar and hot water to flush out any toxins. It also helps me to support my gut health. And again, it protects my immune system. I also take my normal vitamins. But I've also added more vitamin C and D and also echinacea drops. And that's been really, really helpful. Everyone in the household leaves with a protective blend on them. I love to mix Frankincense and On Guard, which is the protective blend that the doTERRA does. And lemon tea tree and oregano with coconut oil in a rotatable so that they can roll it on their bodies every couple of hours. It smells amazing, but it's also protecting them. And that has been uber useful. 

And all of the things that I have mentioned so far, they're all-natural. So they are boosting your immune system and not harming it. I have over 60 essential oil bottles that I've built up over the years. But it's been really, really useful for me. It acts like my medicine box. So disclaimer, I'm not saying not to take any medication. I am not saying that at all. But what I am saying is that I go straight to my essential oil box before I go to take a pill. I try and see if there is a natural alternative first. And if that doesn't work, then I will take the medication. And sometimes I even use them as alternatives. The other day, my husband had a blocked nose and I made him a nasal inhaler just from using peppermint oil and Breathe, which is the respiratory blend. I always have trouble saying that word. 

So when it comes to cleaning, I do the same. I use my essential oils. I was noticing that when I used the shop-bought products, they were really affecting me. And also they were affecting my brother's behavior. He's on the autism spectrum and I would hear him spray and spray and spray a lot more than he needed. I think that the products may have been making him a little bit high. And I always felt like when I was using the shop-bought products that they were really affecting my chest. I would cough after using them. So I just started to think about what these products were doing to me internally. And then I started to research. Especially now that we want to be protecting our respiratory system as much as we can. If you feel this way when you're using the products. And if you have been sick, please, please, please start considering using products that are not so toxic and not so strong. I know we're all trying to kill off any viruses that may be around. But really, really consider that because it may be making the situation worse internally.

My cleaning project cupboard used to be full to the brim of different products. Products to clean the bathroom, products that cleaned the kitchen, products to clean the floor, products to clean the glass, products on top of products. And now, I've probably got three or four bottles of products to clean the whole house. And so they all consist of the same basis. So I use distilled water. I use white vinegar. And then depending on where I am cleaning, I will add different essential oils. Again, there are special blends and concentrates for cleaning that is a lot more healthier on the environment and on us that are still cut through the dirt but are not so toxic. And so a lot of my products consist of a lemon. It's inexpensive and it cuts through the dirt. And I can get my daughter involved as well. And so, that was one of the things that I was really concerned about also is, how are these products affecting her small body? And now she loves it. She loves playing with essential oil. She's got her own little rollerballs, and she loves the smell of the house. She's always really interested to see what we're putting in the diffuser. I get her involved in cleaning. When we're cleaning her toys and so forth, we use the same products because we can, and they're not toxic. 

And then my brother and I, if we do have any allergies such as hay fever, then we tend to use lavender and peppermint and lemon which is great for anti-histamine and works so, so well. I can't remember the last time I had to take hay fever medication and I've had hay fever since I was five years old. And now, you know I'm in my forties. So I was taking hay fever products for so long. So I have made a huge saving there, and I've also helped my body because some of those products would knock me out. So if my hay fever was really bad, some days I didn't want to go to work. And then I didn't realize that I was making it even worse with what I was putting on my body, what I was eating, and what I was using around the house as well.

So it was really good for me to educate myself. But also I'm hoping that this helps you to just think and think, oh, maybe there is a connection. Maybe there is something that I've been using that is really setting off something else that we can eliminate from your day-to-day, and hopefully help you along your journey as well. Guess what? Now, I don't even use perfume anymore. In fact, the other day I found a bottle of perfume and I sprayed it because I was like, oh, I miss this smell. And it was from a company that I absolutely adored. And I thought that they were using lots of natural products, but it really set my allergies off. And I realized that there must've been something synthetic in there that my body just does not like anymore. I don't use any deodorant that is not natural. And no, I don't smell. Well, unless I forget to put some on. But again, my deodorant has essential oils in it. So it's not just doing the job of keeping me from being smelly, but it's also helping with my mood. I use a product that has lots of balancing essential oils in it. And remember, your underarms absorb a lot. So again, like I said, really be careful about what you're putting onto your skin. I do use bleach occasionally, but I use it very sparingly. And actually whilst we're on the subject of bleach, think about the cleaning detergents that you're using to wash your clothes. And are you also cleaning your washing machine out frequently? And some people will be like, Eleshia, what are you talking about? But the washer machine is a mold collector which means it needs to be cleaned frequently. Otherwise, those molds end up on your clothes, which then ends up on your skin, and then it starts to disrupt your hormones. So when I was doing a lot of research about how I was going to support myself in trying to conceive naturally, one of the things that I did a lot of research on was hormone disruptors. And the washing machine and mold came up quite a few times. So I really started to listen to that. 


So make sure that you are cleaning your washing machine out frequently. Also, remember to really consume as much wholesome food as you can. Remember, vegetables such as onions and garlic are filled with so much good stuff. You can be getting more vitamin C from them. Garlic is a natural immune-boosting superstar which contained potassium and calcium, and all of the things that you need to boost your immune system and fight off the germs. 

Anytime I feel like something's festering inside or I heard one of the boys cough, I run and I boil up garlic. In fact, my new favorite blend is garlic and onion. I blend it all up and then I boil it down with ginger and a little bit of cayenne pepper and some turmeric. And then I sweeten it with honey because I'm nice. And then, talking about spices, I made sure that I cook with a lot of turmeric and onions and garlic. And also thyme, paprika, and peppers, all of those things that are really going to help to keep you healthy as well. And then things like ensuring that you're getting enough sleep and you are spending time with your loved ones and on your own. And just trying to enjoy yourself and being grateful, and trying not to stay stuck in a negative mindset. These are all things that are really, really, really going to help with your immunity.

I know, sometimes, it may feel hard to navigate everything. And again, like I said, I'm here. If you need any extra advice or if there's anything that I've mentioned in this episode that you want me to expand on, but also just know that I am here as part of your community. I don't want anybody to be feeling like they are going through this time alone. It can be really, really rough. But just know that just by doing a few little things that you can to really help to boost your immunity, that's really going to help you in these times. 

I really hope that this episode has served you well. Let me know. I am so, so interested to know. Again, as I said at the beginning of the episode if there were any other topics that you want me to go over in the coming episodes, I've got some really exciting episodes planned for you. I've been talking to some amazing guests that will be featured over the next couple of months. And also, don't forget to share, like, and review the podcast. It really, really helps with my ratings. And it also helps to boost me. Sometimes it's difficult to sit down and just talk into a microphone. But knowing that you all are listening and you're enjoying the episodes really, really does make me feel super, super grateful for you all. Forty-one episodes, wow. Thank you. Until next week. Bye-bye.

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