Episode 5 - Part 1: The Magic is YOU! | Michelle Rohr

May 12, 2021
Part 1: The Magic is YOU! | Michelle Rohr


There's something so powerful about seeing a woman say yes to herself.

                                               - Michelle Rohr -

Have you ever noticed your inner voice spelling out exactly what you need to do to achieve your desires, but you’ve ignored it? Perhaps, like so many of us, you’ve felt trapped in an endless cycle of working your butt off, but you have nothing to show for it? 

This is precisely the kind of life-changing epiphany that Michelle Rohr, founder of Secret OWL Society had about a decade ago. After a year of feeling burnt out and lacking in personal growth, she decided to break out of her comfort zone and take full responsibility for her life and her actions. 

In this episode, Michelle shares her journey on how she sparked the changes to her mindset and behavior so she could step up and make an impact in the world. By giving herself space to focus on herself, she was able to honor her deepest desires and learn what it truly means to be a powerful woman. 

She also talks about the key turning point of her business, the important lessons she learned along her journey, and why personal growth should always come first. 

As she so wisely says, our goal in life should always be to arrive where we want to be, whether that’s our dream job, ideal lifestyle, or a mission we feel we have to fulfill. But we should also cherish our journey along the way because this is how we grow as individuals and learn new lessons that can last a lifetime.

Eleshia’s Essentials:

Michelle shared so many gems during the course of our interview:

  • The only way you're going to change your life is to take 100% responsibility for it.
  • Doing something for yourself is your real power.
  • We have to make the journey just as beautiful as the destination.
  • You never needed to wait because you already deserved it.
  • The key thing is we don't get enough space to focus on ourselves.
  • You need to honor that journey because to not make that as the most important thing is to be out of alignment with yourself and be out of integrity.
  • At the end of the day, you have to listen to your intuition and your body.

About the Guest:

Michelle Rohr is the founder of Secret OWL Society. She helps women embrace their zone of genius through planners and personal development. A few years ago, Michelle realized that she had lived the same year twice and that day, she committed to taking 100% responsibility for her life. That decision led to a ton of personal growth, a multi 6 figure business, and a community of thousands of customers - all while following her intuition and staying true to cultivating her zone of genius. Check out her podcast here.

Want to join Michelle's group coaching? Click here to discover The Magic in You.

Connect with Michelle:

About the Show:

The Eleshia Show is a podcast to help female business owners feel empowered to put their well-being first whilst building their businesses. We’ll be bringing you conversations with guests and sometimes just solo episodes. We’ll be discussing strategies, sharing stories, experiences, expertise, insights, and everything in between to enhance your well-being and build your business while still trying to navigate real life. The host Eleshia Harris will share her decades of project management and wellness coaching experience to help you to start saying yes without procrastinating.



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