Episode 105: Unplugging and Reconnecting: 7 Transformative Lessons from a Silent Retreat

Jun 21, 2023


Imagine finding yourself in the serene south of France, embarking on a silent retreat journey that not only transforms your inner self but also revitalises your approach to your lifestyle and business. That’s exactly how I felt after spending 3 full days in silence at a silence and dance retreat.

Join me as I recount my surprisingly profound experience and how it made me realise the value of being present, disconnecting from the noise of the world, and investing in my well-being.

During this episode, I'll share the following:

  • Why I went to the silent retreat with no expectations.
  • How being mindful and connecting with myself significantly reduced my stress levels and helped me appreciate the beauty of silence.
  • The importance of incorporating more moments of stillness into our worlds

And so much more. 

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Thank you for listening, and remember to take time for yourself—because you deserve it.

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • I needed to feel like I trusted the surroundings and the person who was holding this container of silence. And so not knowing what to expect was really unnerving to me. I like to know what it is that I'm doing. I like a schedule. I like to know maybe at nine o'clock we do this thing and at six o'clock we do that. [06:41]

  •  I find that often in day-to-day life, if somebody's going through something, I tend to hold onto their energy. If I see something in social media, I can hold onto that for quite some time. And that's one of the reasons why I hardly watch the news or read a newspaper because I know that I have to create a protection bubble around me in order for me to be okay. [08:08]

  •  I know that I can be quite emotional in this month of death anniversaries and just being all up in my feelings about just life. And so being able to be held and seen and given permission to take up space was exactly what I needed. [11:24]

  • The thought of disconnecting from all external distractions was very scary to start off with, but the moment that I was given permission to do it, I was all in. And that really confirmed to me that I need to do more of this. [14:00]

  • A lot of times we're told to close down and not really listen to what's actually going on in our minds. That is us. That is our own voices, in our heads telling us and showing us and guiding us to do the things that we desire. And a lot of the times we try and close down those voices. [15:21]

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