Episode 106: Unlocking the Healing Power of Dance and Silence: A Journey to Self-Connection and Expression with Dara Phitthayaphone

Jun 28, 2023


When my friend first invited me to join her at a silent retreat I instantly thought about a 10 day Vipassana silent retreat which means "to see things as they really are" and instantly declined until she explained more.

In episode 105 I talked about my own experience and now I'm back with Dara who ran the Silent and Dance retreat that I recently attended to share more.

Dara, a dance intuitive teacher, shares her inspiring journey of overcoming a life-changing accident and how it deepened her relationship with dance and her body.

Dara's an intuitive dance teacher and her life story is truly inspiring. After experiencing a life-altering accident, she found solace and healing through dance.

Listen to this episode to discover how incorporating silence and dance as practices can help you reconnect with your body and express your true self.

Listen to this episode to discover:

  • How the retreat provided a safe space for me to let go, engage in self-care, and truly discover who I am through dance
  • Why it's key to trust the person who is holding the retreat container so you can fully let go 
  • The importance of taking time for ourselves and finding ways to connect with our inner feelings and emotions before sharing them with others.
  • How you can start integrating these practices into your own routines by  creating space for self-reflection and self-expression

And so much more.

Tune in to this episode and be inspired to unlock the healing power of dance and silence in your life.

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About the guest:

Dara's origin is Franco-Laotian. She has been teaching intuitive dance since 2019, after studying dance history and dance ethnology. She is passionate about the art of movement and the qualities of music and silence.

Connect with Dara Phitthayaphon:

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