Episode 70 - Achieve Your Goals, Dreams and Desires for 2022

Aug 31, 2022
Achieve Your Goals, Dreams and Desires for 2022


Are you feeling stressed, drained or even overwhelmed by everything that is happening in the world right now? 

I know I’ve certainly been feeling the pressure. 

Then when we’re in this space and try to gain clarity, plan ahead or set goals, we feel like we’re fighting a losing battle. Because what’s the point of even trying when we have no clue what lies around the corner? 

But here’s the truth…


When you have some form of clarity and a plan of action, you can still get to where you wanna be. If you can stay focused on that plan, then you’ll achieve real success in your business and life.

Focus on what you can control and the rest will come. 

In this week’s episode of the podcast, we’re going to take a step back and learn how to take better care of ourselves so we can stop feeling so overwhelmed and grow our businesses, even during these uncertain times. 

Listen to this episode to discover: 

  • Why thinking about your ‘why’ is your superpower when it comes to success
  • The quick, easy, and POWERFUL things you can do every day to beat overwhelm 
  • How to build your businesses from a place where you feel that you have the energy and the strength to do that. 
  • Taking action (aka execution) and why it’s absolutely vital if you want to get anywhere in business
  • The awesome FREE resource you need to download if you want to beat overwhelm
  • Why being cheerleaded and mentored by like-minded people can work magic 
  • How actually writing down your dreams, desires, thoughts, fears, and problems can make you stronger, more focused, and more motivated than ever before

And much more! Listen below.

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • “It's all very well saying, “Yes! I want to have a hundred grand in the bank. But why? Think about your whys, because once you think about them, they’re really gonna help you figure out how you're going to make this money, or how you're going to have this success.”
  • When you have your audacious desires and your goals but you haven't mapped out a plan to underpin them, then it's really hard to then stick to a timeline of when to achieve them.”
  • “Try and limit  how much you are taking in when it comes to things that you know are going to overwhelm you.”
  • “Consider what it is that you want for the next three to four months. Then take the time to sit down and actually just free write. This is an exercise that I love to do, especially when I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed- I just pick up a pen and a paper and just write and write and write…”

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