Episode 89: Are You REALLY Showing Up For Yourself?

Feb 01, 2023
Are You REALLY Showing Up For Yourself?


When you’re a female entrepreneur and trying to juggle multiple responsibilities, life can feel overwhelming.

You know that certain things need to change if you’re going to achieve the success and happiness that you deserve.

You need to take better care of yourself, get more sleep, free yourself from negative energy and open yourself up to dream big.

But with such a busy life, we often forget or feel like we don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves (yes, even I do this sometimes!) 😢

That’s why, in this week’s episode of the podcast, I want you to pause and hit that reset button. Check in with yourself, let go of the stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore and open yourself up to dream BIG!! 

Listen to this episode to discover: 

  • Why you need to ensure you’re ALWAYS showing up for yourself, with zero compromises 🥰
  • How believing in the power you have within can work magic in your life 🪄
  • When and why you NEED to hit pause and take a step back for the sake of your health
  • Which simple yet effective changes you could make to your life to start living the life YOU want to live ✂️

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • “You have the power within you, You just need to believe that and have people around you who believe that too. If you don't, then look for people who do.”
  • “We just think that we always have to be on `call´ and in reactive mode. This means that a lot of us are in that fight or flight mode and our nervous system is crying for us to slow down and stop.”
  • “If it's starting to feel really noisy and overwhelming and you just need time, STOP.  Remember, you can do things as simple as switching your phone to airplane mode. You don't always have to be easily accessible, and we forget this because of the world we live in.”
  • “Sometimes, you can forget if you’re too close. So I’m here to remind you that if you are too close, take a step back or call on your community who can mirror back what they think you need in a positive way. We’re not here for any of the negativity, but we all need help. Remember that.” 


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