Episode 91: Why We’ve Got It Wrong About Resilience & What to Do Instead

Feb 15, 2023
Why We’ve Got It Wrong About Resilience & What to Do Instead


Do you ever feel like you’re just not strong enough to cope with everything that’s happening in your life? 

You WANT to become more resilient and push through any challenges you face. But at times, it just feels like too much. You find yourself breaking down in tears or feeling overwhelmed.

At the same time, you’ve almost certainly been told that feeling those emotions, showing your sensitivities or being vulnerable in any way is a HUGE mistake.

Especially if you’re a woman and want to succeed in business. 

But we’ve got it all wrong.

If we try to suppress what we are feeling, have a ‘stiff upper lip’ or just bury what we’re feeling, we’re only going to feel worse.

We’ll also find it much harder to be the female entrepreneur, business owner, partner, parent or friend that we want to be AND live our happiest, healthiest lives.

Listen to this week’s solo episode of the podcast where I open up about what has left me at the brink of tears and how learning to embrace my emotions so I can thrive in business and life.

You’ll find out: 

  • Why we need to stop believing that we have to bury our emotions or ‘be strong’ when life gets tough
  • How showing love and compassion to ourselves can transform our moods, our lives and our businesses 
  • My simple yet effective go-to self-care tricks for when it gets tough
  • The healing power of music and dance and how singing or dancing your heart out can help dispel the anger (listen to episode 66 for more)
  • Why prioritising our needs is essential for happiness, life and business

And much more! 

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • “I want you to recognize that you are important. You have to be the one that is always at the forefront of your mind because you have all those different responsibilities. If you’re not okay, you are going to be the one who falls apart.” [00:10:40] 
  • “If we can find ways to quickly shake off our stress, our anger and any other emotions, we can then go back to the things that we enjoy doing. We can go back to building our brands, we can go back to our careers, and we can just be in a better state of mind.”[00:17:10]
  • “Remember, you are allowed to spend more than two minutes in the bathroom and just take that time to get yourself back together. Take those quiet moments. Breathe. Close your eyes. And remember that YOU ARE IMPORTANT!” [00:13:30]
  • “Think about how you are feeling, articulate how you're feeling to yourself. Write it down and release it. Don't let it fester in your brain. Don't take it into the rest of your day.” [00:16:00] 


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