Episode 108: The Art of Managing Business and Wellness: 7 Lifestyle Strategies for a Balanced Summer

Jul 12, 2023
The Art of Managing Business and Wellness: 7 Lifestyle Strategies for a Balanced Summer


If you’ve been listening to The Eleshia Show for a while, you’ll know that spending quality time with my family (while building my business) is one of my key priorities.

We can have the most successful businesses in the world, have a healthy bank balance and be living the lifestyle of our dreams. But if we don’t remember those things that truly matter in life…

Without Love, Laughter, and Family can we ever feel fulfilled?

This can be challenging enough throughout the year when we’re juggling multiple responsibilities, taking care of our homes, trying to take care of ourselves and focusing on launching or growing our businesses. Then the summer holidays roll around and we are faced with a decision.

Are we going to work all through the summer months or are we going to enjoy quality time with the ones that we love.

Over the years, I’ve learned that we can balance it all and enjoy this precious time with our kids if we are strategic when it comes to where to invest our energies.

That’s why, in this week’s episode of the podcast, I share my eight tips and tricks on how you can continue to build your business during the summer holidays without losing your mind!!

Listen to this episode to discover why:

  • Continuing with your morning routine will help you stay sane
  • The reasons why it's important to get you whole involved in planning for summer
  • Why I’ve decided to concentrate on intentional connections this year
  • The importance of taking at least 2 weeks of from your business

And so much more. 

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • "I'm here to say to you, don't feel guilty because you are one of the reasons why your family gets to do some of those amazing things, right?" [09.33]
  • "Please, please, if you've got a morning routine, if there's something that you usually do in the morning, to really just ground yourself, continue doing that, don't let it slip" [18.15]
  • Remember you are the biggest investment. Make sure that you are looking after yourself because no one else will, and you are very important" [27.23]

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