Why Creating a Thrive List Could Help You Get Through Challenging Times

Uncategorized May 26, 2020

A few weeks ago, I came across a quote that has stuck with me ever since. It’s this:

“Everything in life can be taken away from you except for your freedom to choose how you respond.”

If you don’t already know, this quote comes from Viktor Frankl, the Holocaust survivor who wrote the astonishing book “Man’s Search For Meaning.”

It’s stuck in my head because what he says is true, isn’t it?

We do have the power to choose how we respond to the challenges we face in our lives.

We can either give up and ourselves be flattened by the fear, the chaos and the stress. Or we can find a way to get through somehow, just as Viktor did.

Coincidentally, at the same time I read Viktor’s words, I also discovered a powerful concept called a ‘Thrive List’ via a podcast I was listening to. The author said that she made a list of the things that would help her thrive throughout life, especially during challenging times like these...

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My Baby Shower Dream Came True!

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2019

I’ve never been a fan of being the centre of attention so the thought of having a baby shower left me feeling mortified!

An event that was centred around my bump and me….wow!

I did start to warm to the idea when my different pockets of friends started to suggest separate meetups to celebrate the new arrival, and it all became overwhelming!!

But in the end, I agreed to the baby shower and the day turned out to be sooo magical. Let me tell you more about it.

I’m blessed with wonderful friends and family

The best parts of my baby shower were seeing all of my closest friends and family in the same room enjoying each other’s company, and having so much fun with the games everyone organised!

My amazing friend Natasha was the head organiser and she came up with a baby shower vision which was just fantastic. My other friend Natasha was also on hand to help out whenever needed and took over 250 pictures of the day so I have so many memories captured.

My friends...

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How I'm Preparing for Christmas with a Baby Arrival

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2018

Having a Christmas baby excites me heaps but the logistics of preparing for the 25th is more than a little overwhelming…

So I’ve decided to put a plan of action together for the festive period that will allow me to enjoy being a brand new mum and getting to know our new arrival, without Christmas becoming an even bigger stress.

Of course, even though the baby is due at the beginning of December, we don’t have a precise date.

Having babies doesn’t work like that! ;) (If only!)

So I’ve decided to use my project management skills to ensure we have everything that will make Christmas with a new baby memorable, including the tree, the presents and some delicious food.

I’m really planning to hibernate during this special time, so I want to ensure I have everything I need so that I don’t have to venture out at all.

Here’s how I’m planning to get ready for having Christmas baby.

1. Get organised for the baby

First, I want to make sure...

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The Seven Side-Effects of the Third Trimester You Need to Know!

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2018

Wow! I can’t believe that I’m writing about my third trimester of pregnancy.

It feels like only yesterday that I was brave enough to share with the world that I was pregnant, and look at me now!

I must admit that I was a little bit worried about going into this trimester, purely because I’d read and heard horrible stories from other expectant mothers complaining about their third trimester symptoms.

There was no way I wanted to feel fatigued and nauseous all over again.

Or get shooting pains, lose all bladder control, cramps, dizziness, back pain, varicose veins, or any of the other glamorous stuff I was hearing about.

Luckily for me, that didn’t happen, although I did find myself struggling with several other ‘interesting’ side effects of the third trimester. Here they are in their full glory...

1. Having to do the dreaded glucose test

Uuugh! This has to be one of the more horrible parts of the third trimester!

Early in your pregnancy,...

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Surviving the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy- MY TIPS

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2018

The second trimester of pregnancy runs from around 12 or 13 weeks of pregnancy until 28 weeks.

It’s that period right in the middle when you’re not bursting with the same crazy level excitement and disbelief that you were right at the beginning, but you’re still several months away from your due date. Maybe you’ve told friends, loved ones and colleagues your happy news, and maybe you haven’t.

You’ve come so far yet there’s still a long way to go.

For me, it was during the second trimester when that horrible sickness disappeared and my fatigue eased up too. Result!!! I’d also just seen my healthy baby at the 12-week scan, felt overwhelmed with the relief that my dream was actually happening, and realised that we’re really going to have a baby!

However, the second trimester wasn’t without its challenges too. I suffered a lot of bump shaming, I suffered the worst possible pain, and I’ve felt overwhelmed with all the...

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How I Treated My Fibroids Holistically

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2018

Oh my god! You’re MASSIVE!”

These are the words that I’m absolutely sick of hearing these days (currently 8 months pregnant). I find myself having to justify the size of my bump on a regular basis after that first comment just to try to make people understand!

It started when I was 15 weeks pregnant and about to board a plane for a family wedding. It was a family member who said it too, which was kind of heartbreaking.

Then came the ‘funny’ (aka. not so funny) questions like, ‘Are you having twins?’, ‘Gosh, you’ve not been doing much exercise then’  and, ‘You’ll be enormous by nine months!’.

Little do they know, the size of my bump isn’t because I’ve suddenly started overeating or quit exercising. It comes down to my unique body shape. I have a pelvis which is rotated slightly forwards (known as an ‘anterior pelvis tilt’), a curved lower back (known as...

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The First Trimester (My Pregnancy Story 1)  

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2018

What they don’t tell you about pregnancy is what a shock to the system it can be, especially during the first few weeks or entire first trimester!

Once I’d told Darren I was indeed pregnant (yay!), I was surprised by how quickly the pregnancy symptoms hit me. My sense of smell heightened, my boobs hurt like hell, the fatigue was upsetting and the all-day nausea was pretty much unbearable!

All I wanted to do was sleep as that was the only time I felt any better!

I felt exhausted

I continued to teach my Barre and Pilates classes but had to cancel all of the new classes I had started as my energy levels were all over the place due to the pregnancy hormones taking over my body.

Food tasted weird

I also had to kiss goodbye to my usual eating habits as everything I ate tasted funny. Even drinking water was hard as I could actually smell it. Weird, I know!

I hadn’t eaten McDonald's fries in years but yet that’s all I craved, that and cheese. Wotsits became my new...

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Uncategorized Oct 22, 2018

Today I have a very exciting announcement to make. Drum roll please...

Actually, the blog title has probably given the game away here. Because yes, I really am pregnant!

It wasn’t an easy journey. I’d struggled with fertility issues and other health problems for many years, but after plenty of hard work, my dreams are finally coming true.

We’re going to have a baby!

Keep reading to find out how I found out about the baby, why my pregnancy is such a big deal, what were the natural tricks I used to help myself to conceive, and what I advise you do if you’re struggling to get pregnant too

How I found out that I was pregnant

When I found out I was pregnant, I wasn’t too surprised because I had known, even before I took the test.

We’d just come back from an amazing holiday in Dubai, I was nice and relaxed and I knew the timing was right! My acupuncturist was also sounding confident, saying, “This may be the month, Eleshia. Everything feels...

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5 Awesome Benefits of a Barre Workout

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2018

You’ve heard the buzz about Barre classes.

You’ve seen celebrities and fitness experts post about their newest obsession on social media.

And even your friends have started heading to local Barre classes and gushing with enthusiasm about the incredible results they’re getting from this fun new exercise class.

You’ve started what all the fuss is about, and started to think about giving this ballet-based, dance-inspired, Pilates-infused workout a try too.

But you’re curious. Why is Barre exploding in popularity at the moment? And most importantly, what benefits can you get from going to a Barre class?

Keep reading to find out!

1. You’ll become stronger and more toned (especially your core!)

Barre workouts are amazing for building strength and toning your body, without you ever needing to sweat it out lifting weights or needing to worry about looking bulky.

During class , we’ll be constantly engaging your abs in a way that is doesn’t...

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What to Expect in a Barre Class

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2018

"What’s Barre?” “Will I like it?” “Do I need dance experience?” “Is it hard?”

These are the exact questions I get asked every day from students who are thinking about coming along to my Barre classes.

They want to try something a bit different from those same old exercise classes on offer at the local gym but they’re worried they’d be unable to keep up and end up making a fool of themselves.

Sound familiar?

I know I felt the same before I walked into every single one of the exercise classes I’ve ever tried. I know how hard it can be.

That’s why I’ve create a quick blog post this week which explains exactly what you should expect from a Barre class. Keep reading!


#1: They’re a judgement-free zone   

If you read my last blog ‘My Story: How I Got Into Pilates’, you’ll know that I’ve been to many fitness classes over the years and in the end, I got sick of...

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