Episode 135: Navigating Histamine Flare-Ups: How I Found Relief Naturally

May 08, 2024
Navigating Histamine Flare-Ups: How I Found Relief Naturally


 Have you ever experienced moments when life suddenly slams on the brakes and you're left feeling blindsided and overwhelmed?

That's precisely what happened to me recently. Despite prioritising a healthy lifestyle, exercising frequently, meditating and recently starting acupuncture sessions again. I found myself grappling with an unexpected histamine flare-up that scared me so much it stopped me in my tracks and made me take myself to A&E for a second opinion. 

Being the age I am, I know my hormones fluctuate so I’m taking my midlife journey seriously. 

I strongly believe in the power of my body and so this time I turned inwards again and worked on what was happening internally.  

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • The importance of listening to your body and acknowledging the need to slow down when necessary
  • Why you have to be your own detective when it comes to your own health 
  • The 22 different holistic strategies I used to heal myself 
  • How I conceived naturally against medical odds and my ongoing holistic journey
  • The reason why I’m exploring the impacts of perimenopause on my overall health and well-being
  • Why I embrace a holistic approach to health

And so much more!

After listening to this episode, I hope you gain valuable insights into the importance of listening to your body and the empowerment of becoming your own health detective. 

Don't keep this wealth of knowledge to yourself - share this episode with friends and family who you think could benefit! 

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