Episode 100: Celebrate 100 Episodes with Anne Garcia

Apr 26, 2023


When I decided to start a podcast, I didn’t even think about reaching this 100th episode milestone.

I had a desire to get my voice out there and share my message with other female entrepreneurs who were experiencing the same thing as me. I knew that I could make a difference in people’s lives. 

But it was just a thought for a long time.

I decided to explore the idea and do a podcast course which I just found too overwhelming. There was so much to do and I believed there was simply no way I could get it all done.

Then I was referred to a brilliant podcast team who could take care of the technical side of things and allow me to focus on creating magic. It truly is a gift for me.

And as they say, the rest is history!

In this special episode, I’m joined by Anne Garcia, CEO of Team Dklutr, my podcast production team.  The Eleshia Show was launched in 2021 and continues to be published weekly because of this amazing team. 

I also want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who listens to the podcast and supports it every week. I’d love for you to continue to share. Everything I’m doing is a labour of love and I adore doing it and can’t wait to change even more people’s lives.

Listen to this episode to discover: 

  • How my podcasting journey has helped me build a community
  • My collaboration experiences with Team Dklutr to bring the show to life
  • Why having a team helps grow your business faster than doing everything yourself
  • How podcasting can be used as a great tool to increase visibility in your industry
  • Key things to consider before launching a podcast
  • How Team Dklutr pivoted from virtual assistance to a digital marketing agency 
  • Why leaving a legacy through my podcasting is important to me

And much more!

Eleshia’s Essentials

  • “The process of podcasting feels like magic sometimes.” - Eleshia 
  • “We always hear clients say how it's such a relief and confidence boost knowing somebody has their back. That's the peace of mind and assurance that we want our clients to have.” -  Anne
  • “One of the best reasons to have a podcast is knowing you have a direct impact on someone else’s life even if you haven't even met them physically.” - Anne
  • “We're in a partnership with this. It's not just that you are part of my editing team. No. We're in a partnership because we both see the value of being female entrepreneurs who can help each other to build their businesses.” - Eleshia
  • “It's always great to journey back to where you started. It makes you grateful. And you are able to celebrate the moment and how far you've come.” - Anne
  • “Podcasting takes up a lot of time. You have to know this at the beginning and decide that you are fully invested. But you also need a team that is fully invested in your why as well.” - Anne
  • “With singing, it's the song in your heart. With podcasting, it's the message, the voice, and your story. That is your why.” - Anne
  • “This podcast has given me a platform to be able to share who Eleshia truly is: what she stands for, what she believes in, and who she wants to be. And the fact that I get to leave a legacy behind. The podcast episodes are gonna be out there forever. That's really important to me.” - Eleshia

Take a trip down memory lane with me and enjoy these previous episodes:

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About the guest:

Meet Anne, VA turned Agency Owner and Team Lead for Dklutr.

After leaving her corporate work due to a heart condition, she delved into the then “mysterious yet promising” world of virtual assistance.   

Her “get-things-done-no-matter-what” mindset and “loves-to-check-things-off-the-list” personality fit perfectly with the VA world and remote work. 

Anne’s first office was in the hallway of their home, with an office table upcycled from a thrift store 

Fast forward to today, Anne loves working with collaborative, inspiring, and imaginative clients, and having a solid team of highly-skilled individuals with great personalities and strong work ethics has been the formula for the growth and success they now enjoy…

Connect with Anne:

About the show:

Need simple strategies to help you grow your business and achieve more without working harder? Struggling to balance work, life, and all your other commitments and don’t want to burn out? You’re in the right place. 

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